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My Best LSD trip

Have you been this deep?

trip report
my best trip so far
trip date - Q1 (late jan/early feb) 2015
Dose - 1 x Pink Floyd (220ug or higher)

dose absorbed under the tongue while listening to music in dark room with eyes closed
around 40 mins later, swallow tab
Come up already noticeable
go and see friends
roll fat blunt, snort big line of 90%+ peruvian coke
go outside to smoke blunt
very fucked already, it starts snowing, literally
smoke blunt, enjoy the snow
2 minute walk takes ages, leave friends and return to room
music, chill, brain running 100mph+
visual distortion noticed
can hear neighbors in my thoughts,
focus on visuals, play with them a little,
still hear neighbors, respond to what i hear, not by talking,by thinking
responses back, in my thoughts. like an actual conversation
(by this point i thought a conversation might of been taking place and
had issues that i may have been talking without noticing and thats why i could hear responses,
and my perception of sound was off, which is why responses also sounded like thoughts (rational thinking). tho this was NOT the case)
play with visuals more, learn to control the visual distortion
(i would think of a colored bit of my poster moving into another color and i would then see this,i made the ledge of a table move also)
i watched my pupils pulsate in a mirror that was weird and funny
at some point i turned the light out and this made visuals even more incredible, beams of light came through the curtain and danced around the remove getting dimmer with everything they reflect off
these made for great visuals toys
after a while i closed my eyes and focused more on my thoughts and those neighbors i could hear.
i had in depth conversations, let them know of the situation & the fact i could hear them in my head,
tried to convince them to knock on my door but this didn't happen, tho it seemed like there was bi-lateral communication similar to a conversation it was more than that,
i could also feel there emotions and thoughts, say when i was explaining to one i was tripping my balls off i felt her displeasure at this.
After this i got some closed eye visuals, it just started as bits of color and then shapes my memory is a  hazy for a bit after that
the next thing i remember is chasing the light.
Now i got so much joy from doing this i was shocked, i had never seen it before (or since), this was as deep as i had been.
There was a very bright (the brightest ive seen) single beam of white light and it was moving infront of me, and i was trying to keep up with it, at this point i wasn't me physically, im not sure what i was
i used some force to thrust behind me and that is how i chased the light, and the stuff that wasn't the light was darker than the light (obviously) and warped, like when you try and look at scenery close to you while you are traveling very fast in a moving car
At some point the light stopped and i was in total darkness and then it HIT me
now this is hard to describe, it was a few months ago but this was the most important part
i started seeing video clips and image type things infront of me (not everywhere, there was still some darkness) and they were formed
in a weird way the best way i can describe is in a sort of upwards spiral and i was in the center facing oneside,
(very similar to the double helix shape except the main to branches and being inside of it with everything curving around)
i was seeing all of these at the same time not individually (like you normally do with stuff) and i was at the bottom and they went up past where i could see,
it took me a while but all of these contained me but at different parts of my life some hadn't happened yet, i have seen a picture of me when i am old!
some clips & images were interactive as such, with feelings aswell. Time was also part of these clips, it felt as if i was in a dimension without time, i was in some form of eternity, a non-linear environment.
This didn't last long tho, i never managed to get off the bottom and i know there was more, i could of done more, seen more, learnt more, became more.
When i got to grips with what this was (probably when i realized it was me in all of them)
i was feeling this massive rush of: joy, happiness, accomplishment along with the clear chant 'LSD is the key to life'.
Soon everything vanished and i was back to the total darkness.
I was in the darkness for a while, with just my own thoughts processing everything that had happened, wondering what was next,
but then i stayed in the darkness, i was thinking 'yh i will just wake up, open my eyes' it wasn't that simple.
I opened my eyes as i would normally but nothing happened, i couldn't move anything,i couldn't feel anything, it was just me and my thoughts in the darkness.
Now i thought of how id normally move and i tried it but it wasn't happening, i didn't want to freak out, no point in wasting this time, so i thought to myself for a while about my life, life itself and all (with my thoughts still at 100mph+).
After a while i sobered up a bit and try to open my eyes and they opened. I then took in a massive gasp of air and it was the best air i have tasted in my life!
I was past my peak and continued to sober up from there. I was awake for another 12 hours or so and then slept for a very long time.

Now i have tripped a fair few times, i believe there are stages that happen every time however this time i reached a few new stages.
I roughly have it at (note, everyone is different but this is how mine seem to play out)
fast thoughts
altered thoughts
mind fucked
visual distortion
controllable visual distortion
closed eye visuals
open eye visuals
white light
'Room of life'.

The white light & room of life are only from this trip. I have had that lost in darkness a few times during intense trips.
Now this trip took the longest strain on me, i saw signs of clear telepathy with friends for up to a month afterwards, my brain was at a heightened speed and i was much more self aware .
At some points i thought i was going crazy, after a while i realized that shit was real but no one else noticed so it didn't matter much and it gave me some fun but after many more weeks it faded.
Now this telepathy stuff started long ago and is another story altogether ;)

My question is has anyone had a trip like this with the white light & 'room of life' or anything similar? (my guess would be on a much higher dose of LSD than your average trip)
I would love to know as i haven't been to this place since, can i go back or was it a mad closed eye trip :S

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