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young, dumb, ans mentally-undone shrooms, mda an mdma

2nd shroom trip: first hippieflip

          This took place when I was 17 years old, I had smoked pot since I was 12, started hallucinegenics at 16.  The first trip was 3.5 grams of fried mushrooms with two of my close friends who were both about 16/17 as well. It was a positive experience(lots of uncontrollable laughing, some minor visual changes but no strong hallucination.
          I eventually got my hands on a steady supply of lsd geltabs that were always the exact same down to size, color, dose. During he following year and a half I tripped lsd quite frequently. Always 2 times a month but other times upwards of 4/5 trips a month.
        Then my lsd connect had shrooms and mdma as well. Of course I went ahead and purchased an oz of penis envy shrooms, 15 G'S up/hoes down muddflap girl rolls(which I was told was mdma but really were low dose mdma high dose mda!!!!!), and my normal sheet of geltabs.
     That night a special party was planned! Everyone was excited. unfortunately when my girlfriend and I were at my house I started the festivities a little earlier.  We had been smoking some Cinderella99 or similar named strain and I decided to go ahead and eat 4 grams of the shrooms(thinking the first trip with 1/8 wasn't very strong and I'm used to this strong acid, shrooms are the little cousin. Fuckin ego will get you every time). This was about 8:00pm;two hours before our other friends are suppose to join.
        Within 30mins they are coming on hard, I get goosebumps, heart pounding, and the room seemed to be closing in on me. I leave the room to call my dealer "B" at this time. He advises me to relax and take a pill an anxiety is worest on the comeup, you'll be fine.(fatal mistake not being clear enough; he meant one of my 1mg xanax pills)
      Feeling confident I go back into my room to my gf and eat one of the roll pills. By now it's 8:45(bout 50mins since I ate the mush/5mins since mdma) and all the sudden my recent noodshift cracked. I tell Marci(girlfriend) to call our three friends and tell em the plans are cancelled we will get up with them tomorrow. Not understanding the situation but being a good gf she does it, letting down our friends. 
        9:10(hour an 15mins into shrooms, 30 mins into the roll) I suddenly kick my girl out an tell her she needed to go home I'd call her later. She was hurt/confused/argued she should stay but I stayed firm in my stupid decision. Once she leaves I turn the lights off to jump in bed. Upon closing my eyes(as if sleep would come haha) 3d geometric shapes that are changing colors are floating towards me, at first slow then faster an faster building to a feverpitch speed. Which caused some panic.
      sitting up, remembering my eyes were closed I stumble to turn the lights on an the light makes a popping sound an flashes right back out(simple bulb burnt out but I'm past tripping at this point). I crawl back into bed to try an read the time on my cell phone but it's alien stirring to me, going in/out of focus, bluring, an appearing to spin. I'm at least able to turn the tv on even though it's blue screened waiting for a dvd but I didn't know that at the time.
       At this point I forget am on any drug and attempt to figure out why I can't think straight and am having major hallucinatons such as a painting on my wall turned into a open vortex an I actually felt the pull of gravity so I held onto the bed with one hand, my boxers with the other hand(wtf). Also beginning to hear whooshing noises. Losing my train of thought am not longer wondering why I've seemingly gone insane, an walk to the living room to roll an rub on his giant white fur rug.
     All the sudden I am no longer feeling the orgasmic touch of the fur, I am the rub. Hendrix is playing from somewhere far away or atleast it sounded distant(no music was playing) and then my memory is blank.
        I come too sorta with ppl standing around me. I am walked outside an see a stretcher and just decided to hop on it. I'm then rolled to the back of a amabulance with lights-a-flashing. Once in I see person after person climb in even though only two ems people actually did, seeing just the two of them I moan an roll over. 
    Watching out the back little windows at the beautiful chAnging colors and the yellow lines blurred into two snakes slithering along behind. 
    Then they inject the line they places on my hand(2mg ativan I was later told.) Slipped into black.
      Wake up in a room not knowing how I got their, taking drugs? Didn't even know they existed at that point. Naturally I rip out all my ivs jump off the gurney/bed an make it to the door before being tackled back into place an wrestled down, slipped into blackness again.
    Coming too and my mom(or someone that looks like her is holding my hand). I don't know if you've seen the Nick cage movie "matchstick men" but that's what I felt was going on. So I asked this mom looking lady tons of questions.
   Then the cops came and asked me a bunch of questions, which I laughed and said "you can threaten me with jail, the people your asking about can threaten my life an family.".  When they leave I finally get sleep. 
    Waking up in the mourning I hear the whole tale. Apparently I woke my mom up at  1:45 holding a bag of mushrooms with 24 grams in it saying I took too much.
    She laughed and hugged me, then sent me to the kitchen to make her coffee. When I left the room she called poison control to see if bad mushrooms were in the area. They Ofcourse didn't wanna risk bring liable so they said yes call 911. Doing that they said they'd check my blood pressure an take me in if it was too high.
     She walks into the kitchen to find me on the floor telling her "I'm sorry you didn't tell me which coffee mug you wanted."
    We then had a great time talking an laughing till 4 ems people came in and I freaked bc I didn't know who they were. And I got taken in.
      Moral of the story, don't underestimate any psychedelic. Respect each substance. Feel blessed to live your life. Unless you wanna wake up tied to a hospital bed with no memory feeling like Jason strathon.

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