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Ego Death by Chocolate

Must read!

I've come very close to ego death, or what I believe to be ego death. It took 8 grams of dried cubies in the form a chocolate bar. 
Set: I had used mushrooms 2 to 3 times before the incident and I was ready to shed the next layer of reality and go a little further into my conscienceness than before. Only having a couple of experiences under my belt, I didn't know that in the case of mushrooms the intensity increasesexponentially with only one or two more grams. Lacking that knowledge, I figured i could handle 8 grams. 
Setting: A friends house whom I had worked with for a year or so, another co-worker of ours and 4-5 of their friends, I had never met these last 4 or 5 guys before then. It's also worth mentioning that I had never been to the house we were tripping in. The setting, I believe, is one of the reasons I had such a powerful experience. 

The trip: 
T+- 0:00 
  I arrive at my friends house where we will be tripping. It's a summer night, it's very pleasant outside, it's around 6 PM and the sun is low in the sky casting long shadows over everything as I walk into the house. I'm greeted by my two friends, who we can call E and B, and quickly introduced to the people I'll be tripping with.
  I pull the small chocolates out of my backpack, inconspicuously wrapped in a gold foil, each roughly the same size and shape as a Reese Cup, each small disk containing 8 grams of Psilocybin Cubensis. The chocolates are dispersed and each person in the group gets one half of a chocolate, excluding me, I eat a whole. 
T +0:15
I began to feel the first familiar effects of the fungus. The sensation of light limbs, spaciness, clouded thoughts. We're all playing super smash brothers and smoking a couple joints when we all decide that we're definitely feeling it. We decide to go deeper...to the basement. 
T +0:30 
I decide these are hitting me a lot faster than my previous trips, when E rallies us all into the basement. Now E and B are in a band together and have been for a whole and they're known to send people into other dimensions with their funky psy indie music alone, let alone on a hefty dose of boomers. Everyone takes there seats, the basement is pitch black, every window covered by a blanket, the only light source is a laser projector I bought along.
T +0:45-?:??
We take our seats, the red and green lasers spinning kaleidoscopic patterns in the thick air of the basement. E and B take their positions behind their instruments, E on bass, B on drums. E strikes a long low note that rings thru the basement, quieting the audience and drawing our dilated pupils towards him. B begins a very subtle crescendo on the drums. Then the music drops and the biggest smile shoots across my face, I'm full of joy. The psychedelic tunes progress and soon B is back in another drum roll, this time loud, and fast. This is when I lose track of time. 
  I cant tell if my eyes are open or close, I see nothing. I  not aware of the music anymore, nor can I feel any part of my body. I recall no thoughts during this period, of nothingness. 
  I remember coming to still in the basement, sitting in the same chair. I didn't know how long I sat there, doing/being nothing. I feel my lap with my hands, my pants are warm and wet. I run up the stairs thinking I've pissed my pants. I run outside and look down, my pants are fine. 
  My friend comes out not too long after me. He hands me a blanket and we all go into his backyard. Everyone else is know loving their trip, one guy threw up, and he described it as "awesome." It concerns me that I'm the only one not enjoying myself, and the thought sets in that I've taken too much, I've poisoned myself. As soon as I register that thought I feel my stomach twirl. I hear the mushrooms in me killing me from the inside out. 
  I distance myself from the group, remaining in the yard. I sit down and try to close my eyes and wait it out, but when I close my eyes I'm looking down on my lap as if my eyes aren't even closed! This is too much for me and my thoughts are really starting to spiral downwards. I keep my eyes close and soon my lap turns into geometric shapes. I stare, close-eyed, at the morphing liquidous shapes.    They began to become more complex. Im in awe. I become aware of voices talking around me. But it's as if they're all talking at once. The voices are meshed together and remind of being young in the subway and hearing cluster fuck of voices just muttering nonsense. These voices grow and grow, pretty soon they're all I hear/see. It intensifies to a steady loud hum. It's unbearable. I hear a loud pop and everything ceases. There's nothingness again. 
T ?:??
I awake on the couch, playing Super Smash Brothers again. No longer tripping.

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