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First Trip - 2g of GT's!

"joy" - a weekend away

About Me :

Nineteen years old. Zero experience with psychedelics. Cannabis smoker. Played around with stimulants a bit as well. (cocaine, adderall) Regular coffee drinker. I work doing freelance web development while a student at university as well as work with system administration (unix!) and embedded systems programming.



The past month or two I did research on psilocybin. I was very interested in tripping but was a bit worried about my anxiety as I have no experience with psychedelics. My buddies from university had experience with LSD and were eager to try shrooming. The timing felt right. My mood had been great the whole week.

"There's a festival that happens every year in my home town. If you are down to take a trip, we could take a trip... ya know?"

We decided to take the three hour ride down to his place to stay the weekend. Keep in mind these are my room-mates that I will be living with next year for university. I will be referring to them as "X" and "Y". During the ride down we decided that we would check out the festival that day, drink with his buddies from his town, and trip Saturday in the park in the early afternoon when it was the nicest. Friday flew by as I was indulged with meeting all of x's friends and family. It was a wonderful day which left me feeling even more excited for our experience. We got a good night's rest.

We get up at a decent hour and x's mother cooks us breakfast. I can get a bit anxious when I drink coffee, so I decided to go light and just enjoy breakfast and hydrate. Y suggests that we bring some of the breakfast with us to eat the shrooms with. We get all of our goods together and head out for the festival. It's about 11:30AM, ~75 degrees and sunny. The ride to the festival is a short 20 minutes, the town over. We scored a nice parking spot between the park and the festival and headed right over into the park.

The park was huge. X guided us into the back area of the park right before the woods start. We sat on a bench and ate the shrooms. I was aware that nausea could occur, so prior I brought a ginger ale. X scaled out his 2g and ate his slowly. Y followed right after this. Lastly, I scaled mine and ate them quick. They tasted better than I expected for eating them raw. I was very excited to experience this with my friends. We decided we should walk around the park and chat.

The park is beautiful. The long path travels along a nice pond, which all loops around through a wooded trail which leads to another pond area. We walked around the park area where more people were watching and feeding some ducks. Twenty or so minutes go by of walking and then I started to notice a "glow" about myself. I began to feel light and euphoric. X and Y were quiet and we kept walking around looking at the scenery. Colors began to shimmer. The grass never looked greener, the water in the pond never looked so blue and "full". A sense of euphoria and elation settled in as I was loving where I was currently at. Y suggested we go deeper into the park through the woods. I agreed and the three of us wondered through the back of the park. I had a deep appreciation for nature as I admired all the trees and rock formations while walking through the small path. On the other side of the path, we came into a secluded field area where it looks like campers would set up shop at. X shouted, "This is so great!", and began running through the field.

I laid down in the grass and felt very connected with everything around me. I started playing with some flowers and grass and was astounded by it. Everything was so beautiful. Staring at the flower, I watched as it changed hues. My mind started racing. I thought about everything that makes me happy. I was thinking about the summer I had planned with my friends. I thought of how far I had come from being a kid from a suburb town to a university student. I was thinking about the book that I had been writing and being very pleased with my progress in my life. I was constantly smiling. I looked over and noticed both X and Y rolling around in the grass together laughing. I had never felt so happy to be with my friends. Seeing them like this made me even happier. X and I got up and wondered over to a water spicket. We sat down next to it and played with the water running from it. Letting the water run through my hands felt amazing. Everything felt so "new"... I felt like a child in awe. We both sat there and chatted about how awesome this was. We both were excited to live together next year and began talking about our living arrangements and plans for the summer.

X then flipped on The Beatles Love album and I could see the music flowing in front of me. The music sounded fifty times as good. Come Together came on and I was feeling amazing. I got up and wondered over to a hill where I could look over some of the festival. I laid down in the grass and looked up at the clouds. They slowly warped as I felt myself sinking into the grass. My thoughts started racing again and I closed my eyes. I had some geometric patterns take the shape of the clouds that I was once looking at. At this point, it felt like I had no control over my thoughts... they were just going left and right. I wasn't used to this and became a bit anxious. I thought about some toxic relationships back home. To avoid dwelling on it, I got up and wanted to go back to joining my friends in their fun. I walked back over and put on Salad Days by Mac DeMarco. During the listening of the album, I fell back into elation. I was content to be in the park with my friends enjoying life. During our conversations, I was tripping over the fact that life really is awesome. We were so hyped up about our next year together living off-campus. We reminisced about the semester... parties we went to, things we saw, people we met in our hall. I was so appreciative of my friends, family, and the idea that I still have so much left to do in my life. It was comforting to know that I have great people in my life. On the ground near me I found a long string tied together with other pieces of string. For some reason, it was the most fascinating thing I have seen and wanted to keep close to it. I felt a very odd connectedness to it, like It was trying to tell me something. I kept it with me as we left the park to go to the festival.

After about four hours, I felt the trip begin to lessen as I became more in touch with the reality around me. I was bubbly, friendly, happy and excited. We went into the festival to hang with a bunch of X's friends that we met yesterday. I felt very socially aware, as if I was able to connect better with people around me in conversation. The rest of the day flew by. Around the end of the sixth hour, I didn't feel too much, but was still left with elation and general contentedness with my experience. To end the day, we had a big smokeout at a dock by one of X's friend's house.

All in all, the trip was an amazing experience which left me very humble and appreciative. Days after and I still have been left with open-mindedness, less and better control of my anxiety, general contentedness with myself and even more confidence. I can easily see this is an experience that you are meant to have with people who are close to you and preferably in nature. Feeling great about the whole experience, I told my friends from back home. They all responded well and was glad I enjoyed myself. I still keep the string in my room as a fond reminder of an amazing day.

I guess I know what I will be doing later this summer.

~ jrK

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