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First LSD Trip

Incredible, strong Level 4 Trip

Hey guys, so here's the story of my first experience with real LSD-25. This is my first trip report, and I really feel compelled to tell this story just because of how incredible it was. So, much to my joy, I finally had recently acquired some real LSD, or so I thought it was (now I know, obviously, that it is in fact real, and incredibly potent). I trip about once every month these days. I am still very new to psychedelics, having had experiences with psilocybin and 25C-NBOMe periodically withinin the past half year or so. My first psychedelic experience ever was with an eighth of shrooms, and it was a very profound experience in my life. I'd say a solid Level 3 trip. Life-changing and personality altering in many ways, for the better of course (especially aiding in helping me strengthen my relationship with my parents and family). Thus far, that has been my only experience with psilocybin. I really would like to try mushrooms again soon, now that I have a bit more experience, in order to really grasp the characteristics of a mushroom trip. Anyways, as for 25C, meh. It's okay... More of a purely recreational, visual experience. Does not even compare to the LSD experience. LSD is a much similar experience to a psilocybin trip. 25C is a major sensory overload and leaves you with a very confused state of mind. Not much, if any, spirituality at all. Just very confusing, especially on high doses. A moderate dose is actually really fun. Little confusion and still some very awesome sensory hallucinations. The auditory and visual hallucinations are really amazing, though. I have had a strong experience off of 2 blotters of an unknown dose of 25C (I know, not that smart on my part). I do know that the dose was quite large, though, just based on the incredibly strong taste of the blotter and the fact that I started to receive visuals in less than 20 minutes. And the absolute rush and intensity of the come up was just... wow. All on the train on my way downtown in Chicago for a day of fun hahaha. The most memorable part of that day was when me and my buddy were peaking and ran into a Chinese protest march on Michigan Avenue, at a point when our brains literally couldn't process anything, but that is a story for another time lol.

Anywayssss, as for my LSD experience. So, as I said, I finally acquired some real LSD. Based on my connection, I knew I had gotten real LSD. I just was not sure of the potency. The tabs were blank white blotters, and look as if they had been hand-cut with scissors, or something along those lines. So, it has been a month since I last tripped, and an opportunity rose to trip last weekend and I really was anxious to try out these tabs, so I took one. This day I was just looking to test out the potency of these tabs by just doing one, not expecting much. The tab was tasteless, no taste whatsoever. I sucked on it for a few minutes and then swallowed it. So, after about an hour or so with no noticeable effect (definitely felt a slightly different mental state, but nothing visual) I started to doubt the tabs. So I took another and got picked up by my friends shortly after. For the following twenty minutes or so, I felt the same slight mental alteration, but nothing more. Then colors started to get more vibrant, patterns started to crawl, etc. I knew I was coming up, and I was very happy now :) Not only could I tell I was coming up by the visuals, but also my "trip face" as I like to call it, was in full force, which is basically a wide-eyed. half-smile amazed sort of look I have on my face whenever I am tripping hahaha. 

So, we get to my buddies house, and I am definitely tripping by this point. Not super hard, but I'm tripping. So I was still unsure of how potent these tabs were. So we smoke a bowl, and I'm coming off of a one month tolerance break, so things start to get better really quick. Visuals are intense, mind-alteration is getting stronger. So I call up my other buddy who works right down the block and he comes by to smoke me up on a blunt. By this point, waiting for him to arrive, standing out by the street, I was tripping very hard already, so I knew I was in for a wild ride, and I couldn't be happier. So when he gets there we all sit down in the yard and my buddy roles a blunt. During this period of time, I really started to realize how amazing of a substance LSD is as compared to the hollow 25C. The mind-unraveling power that the LSD was having on my mind was incredible. I was amazed by this and how open my mind was becoming. The LSD high is a very clean one. No noticeable negative side effects in any way. My head felt so unbelievably clear and open, very similar to my mushroom trip. Not to mention, I was seeing geometric patterns over everything, patterns swirling intensely, changing colors, melting sensations, etc. So by the time he finishes rolling the blunt, I am tripping absolute ballllllllsssss., but it only gets better from here. So as we smoke the blunt, again I'm coming off of a one month tolerance break, things get unreal. Like nothing I've ever experienced before. Things shot to a hard level 4 really quick. Minimal ego loss. As I was sitting there, I couldn't follow anything anyone was saying at all, could not follow a conversation, I just kept nodding my head hahaha. I started to feel as if my soul had been lifted from my body, as if I didn't have a body at all. My "being" felt as if it were stretching with the universe as each second passed. Reality was quite literally melting before me. I began to question whether everything that was happening was real or not, if it was actually happening in this moment. I would completely forget things, and every time I would look at someone it would catch me off guard because my mind was so far gone that I would forget who I was with, or who these people even were to me, even though they are some of my best friends. I was having the most irrational thoughts, such as wanting to call my parents and tell them I'm on acid, and when I would get stuck on something I would have to keep reminding myself that I was on a drug and the thoughts I was having were an effect of that.

So I finally passed on the blunt because I was so fucked up by this point, and I get up and throw on Abandon Ship by Knife Party and start shooting a basketball around with my friend, and this is when I was tripping the absolute hardest. I had no perception of anything, yet I was making perfect shots every time, and for what felt like hours (only a few minutes) we kept repeating the same pattern of shooting the ball and passing it back and forth, and I kept making perfect shots every time! Hhahaha. As I was shooting and passing, I kept questioning whether or not all of this was really happening, and how life is just a series of happenings in a specific period of time in the universe and how structured everything is and that nothing "really" matters. Things only "matter" because of the evolution of society. So then I started to realize how hard I was tripping by listening to the music. The album had only been playing for about ten minutes or so, but it honestly felt like hours on end. This startled me a bit, but I recovered pretty fast after I reminded myself that I was on a drug. For a few hours it remained this intense. We went to get food and we were posted up by the site of a horrible accident that happened a few months ago that killed and injured many (look up 95th and cicero crash on youtube if you want to see it). Sitting there, I realized how absolutely fragile life is and how anybody's life can end without warning. It's all chance. In the end, we are all going to die someday, and nobody knows exactly when that day is going to come. So just be a good person and do what makes you truly happy, because being happy in life is going to be the closest representation of the "meaning" of life that we'll ever see as societal beings.

So anyways, I smoked a few more blunts on the long comedown. It was an incredibly powerful day. I'd say I tripped for 10-12 straight hours, and by the time I got home I was so stoned that I passed out in an instant. I had a great sleep and was feeling super refreshed in the morning. Needless to say my first experience with LSD was an incredibly powerful one. I had revelations about the fragility of life, the value of relationships with the people you love, etc. Too much to write down. But yet again, as with mushrooms, this experience was very spiritual and has given me new perspectives that I will live by and cherish. 

Thanks for listening guys, peace

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