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First Trip (Golden Teachers)

3g, advice?

So this was my first trip, as well as my first report. So I'm sorry if it's not very good.

so first a little background, earlier this day i had gotten into a fight with my parents (not a new thing for me) and went to my friends house to get away for the night. I had planned on doing them, and my friend drove me to my guys house. The bag looked good from what my friend told me, it was mostly caps with not many stems. 

We got back to my friends house, and opened the bag. i ate some of them on crackers and realized i didn't mind the taste much, so i ate the rest without anything. I had a good mindset at this point and was having fun. About a half hour after taking them i started to have a sharp pain in my stomache, and started to feel a small stoned feeling. it went on like that for about 30 more minutes. after that i started to feel wierd, like happy but also depressed. I started thinking about my parents and how much grief i cause them.  while this was happening, my friend got a call from another friends dad saying he would call the police on him if my other friend wasn't home within a few hours. my other friend ended up showing up at the house and talking to his parents and eventually calmed them down. This entire time i had no visuals, just a strong stoned and depressed feeling. i ended up going out to my car and crying to myself for about 15 minutes until I Invited mygirlfriendovershe cheered me up and convinced me i treat my parents good. we went back inside with our friends. And from here on i felt happy but i stilll never saw or heard anythiing unusual, the feelings started to die.

I was really dissapointed with this experience, but i was happy I realized how i treat my parents. does anyone have any advice for my next trip? i feel like i shouldve had visuals after eating that much. Were the shrooms just not strong enough? Any feedback would be appriciated. i hope you all have an amazing day and i look forward to posting more on this site. 

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