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Most Intense LSD Trip So Far

Losing Touch with Reality

  Today I though I'd share my most intense LSD experience with you all.
  The night began with two friends and myself heading to a party.  On the way there we made a stop to pick up some LSD.  We had all experienced LSD before, but for myself it was nothing like what I was about to experience.  I took two tabs, one of my friends took one and the other was our designated driver for the night.  We arrived at the party about 15 minutes after taking our doses.  We were going about our night normally for about another 30-45 minutes, playing pong and smoking bud with our friends.  I could feel the LSD setting in as I was getting pulses of euphoria.  I went to the bathroom to relieve myself and that's when the fun began.

  Upon looking in the mirror I knew that I was about to dive into something completely unlike anything I had ever experienced.  I left the bathroom and sat down on the couch.  I looked down at my hands and they seemed almost swollen and were radiating with color.  This intrigued me and I began making different motions with my hands to entertain myself.  It didn't take long for the major hallucinations to set in.  About 5 minutes went by of staring intently at my hands as I waved them and twisted them around until my first major visual.  Upon flicking my wrist my hand turned into a pin wheel, continuously spinning faster and faster until more hands grew from my finger tips and then hands grew from those finger tips as well, all accompanied by a loud, high pitched ring.  I quickly snapped myself back to reality but I was fully aware that this trip was going to be more than I was used to.  My and my trip mate played a game of pong, doing far better than we would have expected, and afterwards we left so as not to get too out of hand at the party.

  We got in the car and our DD began to take us on a ride.  This car ride was almost agonizing.  I live in a rural area, so as we were traveling back from the suburbs we passed lots of wooded areas.  I got so stuck in my head that the entire 30 minute car ride to our final destination (the house of another friend of ours) seemed like hours.  I had to avoid looking out the window to keep my head because every time I looked where we were going, at least to me, we were driving down the same four scenes over and over again.  The only thing keeping my from going insane during the ride was the connection I was developing with music.  As long as we were listening to music I was able to relax and involve myself in it.  At one point I my connection with the music reached a level I could have never imagined.  The song that came on the radio was none other than Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.  This immediately excited me as Zeppelin is my favorite band to listen to while under the influence of hallucinogenics.  For the duration of the song I began to mix my hearing with my visuals.  I was seeing flashes to the drum beat and flowing trails of color to the guitar solo.  It was one of the best experiences I've ever had with LSD, but it was soon over and luckily enough we had finally arrived at our destination by that time.

  One of our friends greeted us outside and helped us into the house since we were a bit out of it ;)  We all gathered upstairs in one of the bed rooms (There were seven of us now, 5 guys and 2 girls) and began to talk and drink.  I balanced out for a little, feeling fairly tired and not hallucinating as much.  This did not last long though.  We loaded a couple bong packs and began to smoke and after the first few hits I began to hallucinate again.  This was about to be the longest peak of my life, even to this day.  I began to hear music, though there was none playing in the room.  I was sitting on the floor, back to the wall, staring across the room at one of my closest friends.  He took a hit of the bong and as he did so, my entire world fell to pieces.  As he exhaled and began to laugh his face began to twist to a spiral and his laughter got extremely high pitched, then after about 10 seconds he snapped back to normal but grew very long and snake like.  This was far too much for me, I stood up and left the room immediately and walked back to the other bedroom and sat down with the two girls (whom did not smoke).  I couldn't really hold a conversation, I was just quietly observing the distorted reality around me.  Walls were bending and there was a splatter painting hanging on the wall which began to morph into different images every time I glanced at it.  After about 10 minutes the rest of our friends came and joined us.  I was tired of sitting around and had begun pacing around, walked back to the other room to smoke a bowl and back. The room that I will simply refer to as "The smoking room" became my place of solace, the place I would continuously return to to relax and calm myself down.
  The second of my intense hallucinations came about 1 hour after arriving at the house.  We all decided to step onto the balcony and smoke a cigarette.  This should not have been an issue, it was simply walking through a door to the outside, I had walked through this door dozens of times before, but this time it was a problem.  I stepped against the wall to open the door passed me like I always did, but the door seemed far to large to pass me.  As it got closer I came to think that it would not pass me this time, for some unknown reason, and just as it got to the point where I foresaw a collision, I became one with the wall I was standing against.  For the time it took for the door to fully swing open I was 2-dementional, traveling flat against the wall, and just as fast as it happened I snapped off the wall and was standing on the balcony, completely fine other than a strange feeling in my stomach that the hallucination brought forward.  Once outside, my slowed perception of time became very apparent.  It took what seemed like 15 minutes to smoke that cigarette,but truthfully I was okay with that because looking up at the stars was extremely pleasing.  I watched the constellations become connected through a connect-the-dots process. I enjoyed the stars so much that once everyone returned inside I stayed on the balcony by myself laying and watching them for about 20 minutes.

  Once I returned inside I was immediately thrown back into it.  My heart was again racing, I was constantly moving seats or pacing around and every 10-20 minutes I returned to the smoking room to smoke a bowl and calm down.  Every time I would return to the smoking room someone would follow me, possibly to keep watch and make sure I was okay, but in my mind they were all trying to teach me something.  It wasn't until the second to last time I entered the room that my trip mate followed me and we were alone to discuss things.  We talked about what we were experiencing for about 10 minutes, all while I was trying to load a joint roller, which didn't work out in the end (the joint was pencil lead thin and I later came to find that the large pile of weed I thought I loaded into it was thrown around on the bed).  We giggled at the tiny joint and smoked it in about 90 seconds.  Then we returned to the other bed room and this is when I finally got my lesson.

  I began really looking into the conversations the others were having.  I began to think about what I was hearing (Over analyzing a lot) and began to notice the odd way they were conversing.  I was constantly thinking to myself that they were forcing it, that none of them really liked each other and none of their conversation was genuine.  I realize this was a terrible thing to contemplate but its all I could notice at that point.  I walked back to the smoking room a final time, this time followed by the owner of the bed room.  I was tired, exhausted and frustrated by the trip.  I wanted it to be over.  I began questioning my friend asking him what he wanted to teach me (I was certainly begining to lose my mind) and asking him to help me sleep.  After realizing what I was doing, I apologized and laid on the ground with my head down and my eyes shut.
  This is my final hallucination and the weirdest, most disturbing one at that.  As I lay on the floor trying to pull myself out of the trip I began to feel it wearing off which was a saving grace, but as it was wearing off I was hearing a very low voice (whom I perceived to be the devil) whispering to me.  I do not remember what he was saying but to this day it disturbs me because I was completely alone when it was happening, which means it really was all in my head and not just a distorted perception of someone's voice.  After 5 minutes or so of laying on the floor I came to, my perception back to normal, I left the room as my friend entered to go to sleep, and walked to the other bed room.  At this point the only people still awake were the two that I began the night with and one of the girls.  My trip mate and I were well aware we wouldn't be sleeping that night.  We went to the balcony to allow everyone else to sleep and we smoked cigarettes and bowls until 7 a.m.  rolled around and we left.

  This was certainly my most intense trip, and in the end, though it was agonizing at some points, I'm very glad I experienced it.  This certainly showed me that LSD was nothing to take lightly.  This night was only my second experience with it, and I have tripped many times since then but none quite as intense as that night.

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