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Mimosa Hostilis

What to expect

I found this ayawasca to be a bit nauseating. It is very grainy and really upset my stomach.
What I enjoyed about his, was that you keep your sense of awareness. Other than feeling a bit flushed, I did not have any sense of lost control.
What I saw was mostly geometric shapes. Spinning. the details of each triangle, circle, etc was spinning, turning. And along each line was text in an unknown language to me. I saw faces in every surface. I had a view of the planet earth from inside a clear structure orbiting the planet. It felt like everything was clearly made by a creator/creators. The faces were not humans, nor were they animal. The lights, colors and shapes mean something. It felt like I was getting insights into objects that we as humans can not get/see. No words can truly explain what I saw. I only wish I could somehow record it to show everyone.  Thoughts anyone?

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