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100 mushrooms in Dirt.

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Hey, Guys

I found out alot of mushrooms while walking down the road i knw its rainy season and there would be much more of them.But iam amazed to see more than 100 shrooms at a time.
My friend told me that these are psyclobins and suggested me to eat them,But as you guys know they can be dangerous. Iam posting some of picture of them in HD can someone of you guys can identify them.Plus you may be saving 2 lives haha, 
Iam from pakistan we don't find any shrooms here .Alot of pure materials here but i wanna try shrooms , its some sort of adventurous. 

Some characteristic i found :-
1- they have gelatinous stem and cap.
2-Found in soil (sort of dirt),It have been rained tommarow.
3-I plucked them with hands and eaten food( nothing happend) xd
4-They were in small groups situated a feet or less apart. . very soft to touch and gives blackish purple color when rubbed in b/w palms.
when dried They become more of brownish and have little shades of black on cap. Much more like opium growing here.

It seems they are edible but not some sort of psych. 

here is the link to picture :- http://share.pho.to/9GwZE

And won't you guys welcome me here :D

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