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plumbing some sonic depths

didn't bother snapping any fingers

a fellow cube afficiando suggested I paste my 'voyage' from last night...
R, it's times like this I wish there was a blog log for trippers...
as you may recall, I was to visit the Wish You Were Here show,
well that's happened and over with a couple of hours ago and I'm still on the voyage.

P, S and I met up for a drink and bite to eat around 6.30,
just some spanish grub before the show, P and I had a few sules after eating,
probably about 7.30...with water and moscato; dosage ~ 1.25g each of those
semi-ancient items you questioned my storage options on last year,
yes, the remnants of what led Leanne astray last October...got the picture (?)

Anyway, the show started at 8.00, the whole of Echoes was performed with no shroom sign,
then they started on Dogs (from Animals) and half way through the shroom veil fell over everything,
that must've been towards 8.30. They followed up with Pigs and as it was concluding I mentioned
that I'd been travelling nicely the middle of Dogs and Paul agreed he'd been working as well
from about then.

I must say I was impressed with the show, sonically, visually and emotionally,
but our dosage appeared to be embellishing far in excess of my expectations.
The show was a treat and I could feel plenty of the usual physiological side effects.

Show finished ~ 11, I thought things were tailing off nicely, hung about yarning till 11.30
had a v.pleasant transit home, hello to all, shower to wash the recently burned calories off
then eyes closed...about 12.30 after reading some stuff on Tales from Topographic Oceans.

Eyes refused to shutdown, was getting some vivid sonic reminders of parts of the show
and what had been blasting from the ipod on the way home; not much by way of visuals,
but plenty of everything else, sufficient to say it hadn't stopped, just had intermission.
It's still pumping along now, and it's almost 2am.

The rain's coming down nicely here at present...as forecast,
and my aurals are really pigging out on it all.

Don't really know what the moral of the story is, but carry on comes to mind.
Just haven't decided what I'm going to do next...

Hope you're having a fun time, I am.

Windup: there are no epics or heroics here, just an appreciation that cubes still work for me/us.
Method of intake: after being vacuum dried and weighed to 0.1g tolerance, 6g were finely chopped
and packed into capsules sourced from a local apothecary; 2.5g were consumed by 2 ppl.
Vintage: the product was at least 2 seasons old, and while storage was initially neglected,
the last 2.5g had been stored in a freezer for the past 6-7 months...it still worked.
Summary: this was a bit of a 40th anniversary of my Psili usage and didn't fail to impress,
a level 2 cruise when it really counted, followed by a solid level 1 aftermath.
Moral: don't write off old cubes.

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