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LSD effects

My observed effects of lsd

Hey i wrote a thing, interested to see if anyone can relate   ^_^

I have been taking LSD on and off for around 2 years now. Throughout this time i have had a mix of good and bad trips. I have tripped with many different people and been able to recognise the effects of this psychedelic. What i have taken away from each experience has been generally positive. These are some of my observations of the effects.


- Through LSD i have experienced feelings of understanding oneself and others close to me. I have had realisations that have ultimately helped me further my self being and enjoyment of the world I live in. I found the ability to word feelings or thoughts that I have not been able to find the words for before.

- Creatively I have found while tripping the enjoyment is much higher and the work I create I am much more satisfied with. I have also found I remain interested in my creative process for extended amounts of time. 

- I have had visual hallucinations of many different kinds from vast intricate geometric patterns (linked to sacred geometry) which I have found to be beautiful and comforting. Visuals of being somewhere else, seeing a different reality clearly enough that I believed it could be real. Alteration of the reality we live in, wave/ripple/breathing like effects, objects seemly changing in shapes, brighter colours, characteristics/features of people heightened.

- Some trips I have found the ability to see auras/vibes/energy around certain people, these auras seem to appear differently from person to person and sometimes takes me time to become aware of them. I feel a deeper understanding of the person makes these auras more clear.

- Feelings of euphoria.


- Not being able to sleep 12-16 hours after the trip. Has resulted in some strange sleep deprived states of mind. 

- Loss of appetite, not eating for the duration of the trip 

- I have found that psychologically on trips negative thoughts manifest, if you start thinking negatively it can escalate and become much more fearful. 

- I have had unpleasant hallucinations. Strong feelings of disconnection from reality as well as uncomfortable feelings of presence of non human intelligence. 

- I have found that I lose things and cant find them for the duration of the trip.

- Loss of ability to communicate with people so well, words can be hard to find. Frustration from inability to explain concepts. Forgetting what you are talking about. 

- Feelings of hopelessness and inability to do much.

LSD has proven to me to be a very powerful mind and reality altering psychedelic. I have seen strong negative effects in people as well as positive effects in others. I believe however most negative effects are the cause of deeper problems in the individuals subconscious that the drug is bringing to light. 

hope you found this interesting and I worded things well enough :)

- Whispy

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