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1.7g Penis Envy - Level 1

First timer

I was very nervous to try shrooms, especially since my friend and I were both first timers. With no guide to help us, I choose to spilt an 1/8. (1.7g each)

The location was a beautiful cabin on a small lake. Without deep knowledge besides this forum, I was careful to tippy toe my way into this wonderful world. 

To prepare, I had my last meal at 8pm. Woke up at 7AM ready. 

At 7:30AM sharp, I ingested 0.6g. I chewed very throughly and found the taste less than pleasant but not gag worthy. I chased it down with half liter of water. Then, I waited. 30 minutes passed and I felt slightly sick to my stomach, but I generally have stomach issues. My friend had no ill effects. 

With the clock hitting 815AM I was getting disappointed that nothing was happening, though I did feel off. It felt like the end of a high from weed, right as you are about to sober up. 

At 830AM, down went 0.7g, tasted worst than the first dose. Around 9AM it became clear that I was high. I did not know it until my friend pointed out the absolutely ridiculousness of my questions. 

Observing the lake from the cabin wasn't good enough, I wanted to come closer and watch the water. Unfortunately, it rained the night before and the grass leading up to the lake was soaked. It was a small lake before the lake. As I'm peering out the window, I turn with absolute seriousness to my friend and say, "You know the real problem with the world is the lake". I was 100% serious, it was huge issue for me at that point. My friend was somehow sober enough to be utterly confused by my unwarranted hostility towards the lake. 

At this point, I erupted in laughter. I could not stop laughing. I did not feel high, but everything seemed hilarious. I felt free, though I only realize this in retrospect. During this period I felt like myself, just a bit giggly, but different than being high on weed. In general, I felt like I had more clarity and did not feel any slowness, though my balance felt a bit off. 

As we talked about life, I felt more comfortable saying things that I always thought or maybe things finally became clear enough to say. My outward demeanor would oscillate between rational conversationalist to, what I self described as Krusty the Clown. At random times during our semi serious conversation I would break into laughing fits, that were different than I ever had. I've never laughed like that before. 

At 1030AM, the remaining 0.5g were consumed. I was nervous to eat it, but my ego, stupidly competitive, wouldn't let me go. This is why I pre measured the dose and made sure I couldn't eat more than what the rational part of me decided on. Given the chance, I would have gladly consumed another 1g or more...

The giggles continued until about 1115AM. At this point, I started to look at the trees swaying in the wind, I wouldn't say I was hallucinating, but things started to blend together. It was nice.

The sun was shinning on my skin and as I had tiny little droplets of sweat forming, I noticed that my skin was glowing with 100s of tiny rainbows. I'm pretty sure this exists under non-high situations, but I was keenly aware. I must have watched my forearms for 5 minutes, wonder how I missed this before. Other random thoughts entered my mind, thoughts of vampires and how their skins sparkly in the light. I'm not a fan of Twilight, but I'm sure that is where my brain went to.

As a comfortably lay there on the coach, I shut my eyes. And suddenly, I saw colors, rainbows. Merging and drifting across. It was nice. It was quite pleasant. 

By 1230, I felt more else normal. I'm confident that by 1-2 I was completely fine. The total trip was shorter than I expected. 

I will always remember the rainbows on my skin and the rainbows in my mind. 

  • Awesome experience
  • Careful dosage
  • Light visuals when eyes closed
  • Weirdest laugh
  • Will do again 

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