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An exploration of the self

This was my first time ever tripping, on anything.

This was my first time ever tripping, on anything. A friend and I split an eighth at the school- I chewed on them for about a minute before I swallowed. After that we left the school we were hanging out at and walked to my place. I was now with a different friend. I got home and was feeling anxious, i told my bro that i ate them and he told me it was going to be awesome. I sat down with my friend and we began to play Super Smash Brothers for n64 (This was in 2004, but we're old school.). I was kicking his ass, and i didn't realize at the time but I was coming up. Well he had to go, so I went to my room to chill. I put on the Pink Floyd album "Animals". I'd highly recommend it for trippers...the album has extremely unique harmonies and melodies- never listen to one single song off the album, listen to the whole thing. I was drinking from a tropicana orange juice carton. i would sit in my chair and slowly move and notice patterns off the light which hit my imac. I picked up my orange juice carton, and then suddenly everything around it started spinning with the music. i drop it on the floor. I begin to look at my walls, and the wooden planks look as though they are moving, like an assembly line through a factory. I watched as the knots in the wood slowly turned into the pink floyd scream (you know, from the wall). It wasn't just one, there were several of them on my wall and they all were screaming, with their mouths getting wider and wider. At this point I was in complete awe of what was happening, I felt Euphoric, (with a capital E). I even began to tear because i was so happy. I looked out of my window, to see the outside world. I saw the plants and vines and leaves which were growing across the driveway on the fence; I saw menacing faces, evil faces composed of pot leaves. I decided to leave the room. I went outside, and i observed how colors would drift off of objects into the sky. It was amazing. I looked at my reflection in the window on the door, until i realized that my uncle was looking at me through it. Yeah, dumb mistake... So i went downstairs. This was where i made the real mistake; I've heard of plenty of people having eaten on shrooms on not having a diminished trip. That was not the case with me. I began to come down after ingesting 2 slices of pizza. However, i was still fortunate enough to have one single extremely enjoyable experience; my brother set his AIM to have pink letters instead black, so i stared at it for a good 20 minutes before he told me it was really was pink.

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