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First Psychedelic experiences !!

Advice for first time Shroom and LSD users

Hey guys, this site has provided me with alot of information on psychedelics so I thought I would return the favor and help out any first timer seeking advice. So I became interested in psychedelics awhile back after smoking weed a few times. I did enjoy the weed high, but I did not like the action of smoking because it hurt my lungs and I didn't like covering up the smell. I've gotten stoned to the point of having mild hallucinations, and I liked it a lot. So i looked into mushrooms and LSD to see what it was all about. Most kids from where I live try shrooms as a first psychedelic, however as I researched it I decided that LSD would be a better first time hallucinogen for me.  It took awhile for me to find the right contact, but I did end up getting some acid and a friend and I chilled in his basement and took the tabs. We took two tabs each, and the  come up was very prominent. After about 20 minutes, you feel a strong feeling in your stomach, sort of like an empty feeling. The feeling quickly spreads across your body until you can feel the air you breathe fill your lungs and every time you swallow you can feel it travel down to your stomach. Then very mild hallucinations start to occur after about 45 mins. The friend that I did the LSD with lives like it's the 70's, which made it all that much more fun. His basement is similar to Eric Foreman's from that 70's show. We chilled and listened to a record player and played guitar. The first signs of hallucinations that I can remember was a cutout of a jukebox on the wall. The colors started swirling and twisting very slowly, it was so cool to watch. He also has a wall completely covered in chalk drawings and colorful art that started shining and melting after about 90 minutes. We sat and stared at the wall for what seemed like hours. The trip was not uncontrollable, I still was able to text and type on computers and talk, but I would not want to have to a serious conversation with anybody while on it. After about 90 minutes everything will start to seem funny, like, REALLY funny. I remember being bent over laughing with my friend over basically nothing. You will feel as if theres something you need to go do while on LSD, which can get annoying if you dont actually have anything to do. Plan ahead of time to clear your schedule and have things to do while you're tripping. I would strongly recommend not driving if you wanted to go somewhere for obvious reasons. Get somebody sober to drive. Also be careful if you go out in public, because if anyone talks to you they WILL know something is up with you. Thats how it was for me anyway. My pupils were huge and I was giggling and didnt know what was going on at all. But overall it was a great trip, make sure you eat ahead of time because you will lose your appetite. The only "bad" part of the trip for me was when my friends were jamming out in the basement and they turned off the lights and turned on LED lights around their stage and I was sitting and listening to them. For a few seconds I felt as if they wanted to kill me and as they played they stretched out far away and the noises became distorted. It was scary but I blame them for turning out the lights and playing loud heavy metal lol. One other thing that can suck about acid is that is lasts at least 12 hours, so you'll probably be up all night and then the next day I was dead. I walked around like a zombie then slept 12 hours the next night, so make sure you try to get at least two free days if you wanna drop acid. Now, about a month after I dropped acid, I figured that it was time to take shrooms. I figured that LSD was stronger than shrooms and I was fine on two tabs so I could handle them no problem. So I picked up some shrooms, of which the dealer told me were "insanely strong". I waited to take them with friends but nobody wanted to take them with me so I got impatient and ate about 2 grams on a snow day morning. My mom was out and would be out for a few hours so I figured that the climax of the trip would occur while she was gone and I would come down when she got home. So I ate the shrooms and put on my snow clothes and went outside, because I wanted to experience nature while tripping. By the time I got outside into the woods I started feeling different. It was similar to the LSD feeling, except I felt very out of place. Then after 30 minutes it hit me like a truck. The snow stared shimmering, colors became more vibrant and rich, it was like somebody pressed an HD button in my brain. It was gorgeous. I truly felt one with nature. All of my senses became enhanced, and I was just at peace with myself. I could feel every tree branch and every root under the ground, I could feel all the energy circulating around me, its indescribable. I watched the trees blow in the wind and the river run for about two hours alone in the woods. I caught myself drooling a few times, and making strange sounds, but at the time It all just made sense to me. Words were not even needed. Then when the heavy hallucinations started occurring, thats when I became uncomfortable. Rocks started melting, and trees would bend towards me when I breathed in, and blow away when I exhaled. This scared me because I crossed the line of "enjoying the nature while tripping" to "not knowing what's real and what's a hallucination". This was very different from LSD, because LSD was not as visual. And what nobody ever told me was that these drugs do not just cause hallucinations, they also shift your mindset and the way you think. I couldn't remember anything about my life at this point, the only thing I could do is focus on what I was seeing.  Emotions are very intense your personality washes away. I wandered in the woods for who knows how long and eventually got lost, so I started following my footprints back home. Time doesn't exist on shrooms, so it felt like I was walking for hours. I finally got nervous and started running, It felt like I was running in place and not getting anywhere. Everything kept repeating itself, I would run by a tree and then run by the same tree again. This is when i started panicking. I started yelling for help while running. All i could hear was the sound of the snowpants from running. the hill I was running up was melting and the trees on the hill were shifting back and forth. This was when my mom called me....I stopped and struggled to take out my cell phone. My hands were inflating like balloons then deflating and shriveling. I answered and tried so hard to hold my sh*t together. She told me she got home early and was wondering where I was. I could barely speak English at this point, and struggled to put words together. I knew I was screwed then. I told her I went for a walk and would be home soon. She then asked me if I could babysit my 7 year old brother that night, which I agreed to for some reason. After hanging  up the phone, I kept running, my heart pounding. I finally made it home, struggled to take off my snow clothes, then stumbled into my house. My house looked completely different, and my mom happened to my right by the door. She immediately noticed that my face was flushed and my face appeared "frozen" so i just shrugged it off and went to my room. I had tunnel vision at this point, and all I could focus on was what was right infront of me. I tried relaxing but couldnt, and after a while of pacing around in my room my mom came up to talk to me about babysitting for that night. Her body and face was shifting and the walls behind her were moving. I stared at her with my mouth open as she talked to me. She then asked why my pupils were so big, and I stuttered and panicked. Then she asked if I was on drugs, and I said yes. I couldnt take it anymore, and I just wanted it to end now. She then asked what I took and where I got it, and I told her. I've never felt so ashamed in my life. She asked why I would do such a thing, and I couldnt give her an answer besides experimentation. I felt extreme sorrow, and guilt. She left my room crying and said she never wants to see me like this again. I underestimated the power of these shrooms, and the heavy trip continued for several more hours. My mom had to cancel her dinner plans and stay home because I was bugged out on mushrooms on a weekday afternoon alone in my room. The next day, I apologized and promised to never do it again. Ever since then, Ive been sad and ashamed about it. Yes the trip was meaningful to me, but I do not think I would do it again. The way I see the world has changed, I think about outer space alot, humanity, energy, and everythings purpose in life. Psychedelics are not a young mans game, and the only piece of advice I will leave you with is if you are thinking about taking a drug, think about the people it will effect, and think about what you have in life. Decide which one is more important to you. Peace to everyone and enjoy your life

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