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1 gram P. Cubensis

low dose experimentation

Name: SpaceDawg
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Dose: 1 gram P. Cubensis Lemon Tek
Set: Restless( have been confined to the house due to sprained ankle)
Setting: Parents house (staying here while healing my ankle)

Trip: +00:15: First signs of mushrooms. Feeling's of stimulation and anxiety with slight confusion/change in "headspace"
        +01:00: Can feel the distinct "waves" of intensity followed by decreased anxiety and feelings of slight euphoria. No highly                                      noticeable effects. Only slight changes in  mental perception, brightening of light/colors and slight change in emotional                              status. 
        +02:00: No change in intensity of "trip" still stuck in unpleasant headspace indicative of "coming up" ( I never find coming up to be                        pleasant, but the anxiety always subsides into a purely blissful experience) I take .5mg of Klonopin to help with the anxiety                      and help bring me down from my stimulated state. The Klonopin helps with anxiety. Still wired. put on "The Big Lebowski"                        and enjoyed myself quite a bit. did notice some slight warping when using the bathroom during this time.
        +04:00: Still noticeably stimulated. Take additional Klonopin (.5mg) and smoke several bowls of cannabis trying to relax.
        +07:00: 3AM 7 hours after ingestion I am finally able to drift off to sleep still with a somewhat "spacey head vibe.


This dosage what, for the most part, unpleasant for me. the whole trip felt like i was stuck in the come up phase and had very stimulating properties (not good for a night of movies, music and just relaxing with my eyes closed.) might be a better in a social setting or with some type of outdoor activity to do. felt similar to low MDMA dose with more anxiety.


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