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My First Trip into The Shroom world

Best night of my life period!

First off I will start by telling you my background I have been smoking weed since 15 and have tried san Pedro low dose & salvia before. I am now 29 so I thought its about time I delved into the shroom world I live in the so decided to order some Mexicana and Atlantis truffles they arrived just in time for Easter!!

I arrived at my friends house late around PM my 2 friends were waiting eagerly for me to arrive so we could dose together. Once I arrived I was a little hesitant but decided fuck it!! So I took 5g of the mexicana strain just to test the waters, I will mention I had had slightly emotional day so was not in the best mood  which made me slightly hesitant in taking them I don't like being rushed into things but my excitement took over :)  I had also taken 3 dabs throughout the day and was still fairly baked.

My Friends who I will call Ren and stimpy lol..  Ren decided on eating 15g of atlantis and the rest of mine which was 10 g for total of 25g he has done them before and said he did not feel anything last time boy did he underestimate it this time lol but I will get onto that later.

No stimpy is a little crazy already so we wondered how it was going effect him but he turned out OK he took 15g of Atlantis "so I guess I was the sensible one that night lol.After we took them we went to play GTA 5 in the lounge to wait for the come up the 5g I took hit me real fast within 15 min's I was coming up I started to feel a tingly sensation  through the center of my tongue then I started to get cold, I felt a little nausea on the way up but nothing too bad! And it did not last it passed "until later on".

I started to feel a lot of energy meanwhile my two friends were not feeling too much I found my friends very annoying at first they kept talking about the side effect and I started to get panicky and irritable I kept telling my fiends to shut up lol they did not like that then I could see an argument brewing in the air so I quickly changed the subject by putting my headphones in my ears" ahh piece and quite at last"  it at the is point when I started to feel a warm rush move up through my body this felt very nice!! And comforting. My worries had dissolved and disappeared I was still climbing.

Ren then decided he was not high enough even know I explained it had only been 30 mins. He then proceeded regardless of my warning in eating another 5 grams which made his total upto 30g of truffles "WTF!! Possessed him that night I don't know"!! The thing is I had read about that amount and its not good in social situations he should have been in padded cell lol!! But he would not listen big mistake for him lMFAO!!.  Then if that was not enough he decided he then wanted a dab I warned against it but again he is stubborn and takes a dab (the blow torch flame looked amazing) this is on the come up , next minute he was catapulted into another dimension and very quickly took a seat while the first wave hit and it was not pretty lol .

While this was going on Stimpy was on his knees about a foot away from the 56 inch lcd playing GTA LMFAO and kept on saying look guys look how good im driving when I looked his car was it not moving lol!! He had his finger on brake and accelerate we all started to piss ourselves laughing then out of know where he decided to sit down, it was then that we decided GTA was not going to work anymore!! As we all headed into the trip at full speed.Ahhhhhhhhhheeee....

Ren  was really feeling it now he was making me feel uneasy some one on that dose is scary when your already tripping he kept staring at me with a really evil look and then he would laugh lol both friends started pacing round the room they looked about 20 foot tall lol absolutely freaked me out I kept telling them to sit down this is when I hit the peak I kept putting my head phones in my ears to listen to goldie timeless but could not get my phone to work we had it playing in the room anyway but for some reason I felt comfort in shutting off the sounds of my friends talking what sounded like an alien language really weird and really fast that's when I realized everything was different I was up at  the peak wow!!! I felt amazing best feeling ever! Like all my worries stresses I have ever had went away for the whole night it was like I was not in my body I felt as if my body was different I felt slightly wet almost like I was under water all the panic at the start had gone and I was so happy!! I kept saying I'm so happy I love everyone it was the best feeling ever when I looked around all the colours had changed they were brighter and more vibrant , more colourful than I have ever seen I knew where I was and my name etc Ren on the other hand had no clue where he was who he was or anything. He was talking to walls moving constantly round the house lol I could not keep an eye on him anymore as I was so amazed!!.

Me and stimpy were more with it and could enjoy the night he decided we should watch alien he put the disc in but we could just not get it to play so I quickly had the idea of watching starwars I was staring at the dvd shelf for what felt like hours I just could not find it I eventually found what I thought was it but turned out to be back to the future lol so I said fuck it lets watch it . All the actors in the film looked like kids it was so strange and the back ground looked fake and still but the actors were 3d best way to describe it is like watching a 3d blue ray but more colourful but I decided after 10 mins that back to the future was not cutting it! Its at this time ren come crashing onto the couch talking gibberish it was at this point he said a really negative comment   "you could kill your self you know " I decided I needed to distract that thought quickly I shouted at him " you do not kill your self we do not do that" he mumbled for a minute then he started laughing I was like phew!! It worked I felt like I was the guy keeping everything together that night and I loved every minute of it! So when ever it was going bad or someone said devil or death I would quickly change the subject really easy but I'm glad I only had 5gs anymore and would not have been able to help them or me lol!!. I finally found star wars so we put that on ren and stimpy were chillin for the minute. Star wars revenge of the syth looked so shit too much CGI etc it was like watching some 4d actors in front of painting lol but for some reason it just felt right I felt like space was my home! "in fact I felt as if the house was a space ship and we were in just floating around in another galaxy".

Now this is where it gets even more crazy I'm deep into starwars then I noticed ren had disappeared so I went to look for him and found him in the bathroom he had fallen into the bath backwards and got Stuck but he did not even know where he was , he had a blank stare like he was really deep into the abyss lol!! He later explained what had happened and I told him he had experienced ego death!! When he was in the bath he did not even know he existed he said he thought he was going to die that night and he felt like he had lost his girlfriend etc sounds like nasty trip not to mention he had just lost his Nan so not one of the best times too be doing an heroic dose. I managed too get him back into the living room he kept saying to himself over and over again "only weed" " no more "only weed no nothing else he repeated that all night swell as laughing to himself and randomly standing facing walls lol .

Me and stimpy were having a great trip we decided to order some food even know we were not really hungry I called domino's not the best idea I know! But anyway the guy on the other end of the phone sounded like he was talking really slow and sounded almost robotic fuckin weird!!! It felt like I was on phone for an hour and I could not decide what  I wanted lol so just asked the guy to give me the best deal I did not care what we got or how much it cost lol Now this is where is gets even funnier! I had a delusion that we were trapped in spaceship in another galaxy and when he asked for the address I explained that I'm not sure if he will be able to deliver because we are trapped somewhere between Neptune and Saturn the guy on the other end of the phone was pissing himself he said that's the best thing he's heard all night "I suddenly felt so happy!! The pizza took what felt like light years to arrive of course!! When it arrived I had to go and get the pizza and pay for it but I seemed to handle it OK I was very thankful to the driver I'm not sure what he thought lol . Me and stimpy had one piece each and left the whole two pizza's and wedges until later , I ended up finishing it later when I came down a bit my appetite was just not there.

The trip had moved into the plateau for me and stimpy! Rens was still going strong lol . Colours were amazing and sound I managed to play goldie timeless on my phone and it sounded totally different it sounded like the melodic synths were playing really slow but the drums and bass were playing in time but their was the odd drum beat missing its hard to explain but it made it sound like authentic Japanese style music and it felt amazing "I kept thinking of Japanese arcade games" don't ask why!! goldie timeless was made for mushies WOW!! I was totally astonished.

We then decided it had been 1pm for a long time so its was time to watch another film my mind kept changing I could not make decisions at all lol we settled on half baked what an amazing choice the colours in that film accompanied by the stoner humour was incredible I will never forget watching that film on shrooms it was like watching it for the first time all over again everything was like that .

Me and stimpy slowly started to come down but Ren was still going strong he eventually came down enough to explain what had happened sort of "with tears still running down his face lol..It was at that point he said Dab me up because he could not deal with it anymore so he took two dabs and then fell asleep and that was the last we heard from him that night. They both fell asleep. I on the other hand could not sleep I was extremely happy and wide awake I stayed up until 6 am then headed home I couldn't stop saying  to my self how amazing it was and how it was the best night ever!! Its now 3 days later I feel great and really happy but ren is still recovering and feels very depressed and worn out I think it may be the last time he does them sadly! and its even putting him off weed he says he feels like becoming a priest lol although he has been dabbing ever since lol

So overall it was the best night ever!!! For me anyway lol I will definitely be trying these again probably will up the dose to 7g next time and I will do them on a sunny day instead with a clear mind preferably outside in nature I really enjoyed this experience.

I have noticed dabs seem to hit me more now my weed tolerance has gone way down (and I have a heavy tolerance I'm a daily dabber) its only been a couple of days since the trip everytime I dab I feel like I'm coming back into the trip it feels amazing I now feel like I am experiencing the true psychedelic effects of cannabis without boundaries. Since I tripped I now have an even stronger appreciation for music and art and find I listen to more progressive house this shit has changed my life period!!

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed my first trip report:)

Stay Tripping

Jay Kush

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