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An Evening with Yes

In May of 1999, I purchased an ounce of mushrooms.

In May of 1999, I purchased an ounce of mushrooms. I got rid of most of them except for a 6 grams, which I saved for me and a friend of mine. One weekend my friends parents went out of town so we decided to eat the mushrooms even though we had long work days the next day.

We ate the mushrooms at about 10 pm. I ate mine on some pizza after taking 3 grams of caps and stuffing it in my mouth and gagging(Bad Idea). My friend ate hers without the pizza.

After eating the pizza we went into her room, turned off the light, and listened to some tunes while laying on her bed. This was very relaxing as we waited and talked.

After about an hour we could both feel that we were tripping or begining to trip. Around 12 midnight, 2 of our friends stopped by for a visit. We talked with them in the kitchen...this is when I realized that I was tripping. While walking in the kitchen I was walking this very peculiar walk....the walk that you have when youre own shrooms(I love THAT walk, its hard to explain unless you know what I'm talking about).

It was a little hard to talk with my "normal" friends...especially since i was too busy constanly whiping the counter off. After a while our 2 friends left so we decided to go back into her room.

Being a Yes fan I decided to put Tales from Topographic Ocean in the stereo before we went into the kitchen so when we went back into her room it was the end of the first cd.
We listened to the rest of it...she liked it so much we started from disc one of the 2 cd album. The visuals that I got from the music(music giving off visuals-hard to explian) was just so damn fantastic...I can't try to describe what I saw...it was awesome...perfect music to trip to.

During the 2nd disc (for Yes fans-the end of The Ancient) there is a part in the song that I can only describe like this: Youre walking in the forest, skipping along, being all happy and all of a sudden you hear the darkest of all noices and instantly you know youre screwed...Well it came to that part and I described that to my friend. All of a sudden she just started laughing because of it...and she wouldnt stop laughing for at least 15 minutes(I know because she started at the end of one song and stopped 15 minutes into the next song). After a while I thought that she was gonna die from not breathing and it really scared me. Finally, she stopped.

After that album I put in a live version of No Quarter (Led Zeppelin, from 5/24/75) since we both absolutly love that song. The visuals were great.

After a while, probably about 4 am we were both down enough to go to sleep so we did(I had to be up at 7 to work 12 hours).

I'd have to say that this was my best, hardest(Ive had harder but the werent good), and favorite trip. I just like to recommend tripping with really good music (Yes fans-Tales from Topographic Oceans or Relayer) and a really good friend ensures you of a truely excellent trip.

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