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A nice little gem...

Last weekend I had a great little dream, eer.

Last weekend I had a great little dream, eer.. or was it real...

The night started fairly early, we had a tip that a kegger was going going down at a mutual friends house, so we arranged a ride and got there early to kick it off. This trip was pretty spontaneous, my friend had spoken much praise for the combination of beer and small (< 1 gram) doses of mushrooms, so we prepared to get a little ripped, and should it happen, we planned to hook up some mushrooms.

Well, as soon as we walk in the door, the host of the party asks if anyone wants any mushrooms, as he's on the phone with a hookup at the moment. I place an order for a quarter ounce (we originally planned on tripping heavier later in the week) and in a little while we're off to pick them up.

Anyways, here we are, little later, waiting for the tap to arrive. We get a little restless, having these mushrooms in our pockets, and we both look at each other and decide to go to the bathroom and pick out a couple nice stems and a cap. We wait a while, still waiting for the beer, not feeling any effects. after a bit we finally get our cups and fill em up, I guess after that we went to the bathroom and ate some more mushrooms, I suppose we wandered around the party for a bit (its all a little fuzzy =]). I had about 3 1/2 beers and my friend 2-3, little loopy but not shitty. We don't really know that many people there, but our friends are on their way. I ended up eating this giant gnarly looking mushroom, and my friend eats a little more. We each had a baggie with an 8th in em, and we were going through them pretty fast, after going to the bathroom for a third or fourth time to eat mushrooms, I noticed my first mild visual, a cabinet door expands downward slightly, then kinda goes back, very mild, but it was the first sign that I was tripping.

We settled on the couch in the main room, and started noticing the body high/stoney feeling. Soon after our friends show up and we hand out maybe a gram between a couple of them. A friend offers us about a gram of green grass for $15 so we buy that in anticipation of a phat joint later on in the evening. I didn't have a watch, but I suppose it was probably about an hour after we first ate any mushrooms. Anyways, we decide to leave, my friend and I end up in a rad Maverick, with a roaring engine and a PA system, it was tight. We make plans to meet up at my friend's (the tripping one) house, and off we go. We somehow ended up a pizzaria to visit another friend, and we fill our pockets with dum-dums and piss out the beers. Off we are again, all sucking on dum-dums, having a good time. We go pick up the friend that sold us the grass, and we end up eating some more mushrooms, its around this time that it started raining. Me and tripping friend were having a blast, I was well on my way up. Okay, finally, we arrive at tripping friend's house and meet the other fools, one sober, two with about half a gram of mushrooms in em. We go inside, play a little street fighter, and my friend gets to talk to his parents. Well, this was about the peak of the drug, the visuals were happening now, and I definitely wouldn't want to talk to my parents at that particular time, but we were both fairly lucid, and I guess he handled it well. I get sick of street fighter, and join the rest watching Silence of the Lambs (!!), yuck, that was bad news, got me thinking about the things you don't want to think about while tripping, but it could have been worse. The open eye visuals were going off right now. Jodie Foster's face was playing subtle tricks, but the room around the television was tweaking. The colors and light level changed rapidly, sort of flickering. The small rug under the table was having a gay old time breathing and shifting. My friend gets away from his parents at the urging of everyone else, and off we head to one of the half-gram friends apartments, that we can have to ourselves. The ride over was nuts. We got the Maverick again, and the driver had a Pink Floyd album in the changer, he was playing the part where its just freakout noises and stuff. It was basically the boat ride in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. It was a blast.

We end up at half-gram friend's place, and wander around a bit. I think at that point we watched a little television. If you happen to have seen CNN or one of the news channels while they were playing the Linda Tripp tapes, then you know of that awful picture they have to show along with her voice. That was a major freakout point. Her face was all freaky, and her mouth was moving, it was hilarious, but if you've seen her, then you know it can be a terrifying experience (=]). We remember that the pool at the place might still be open, and we trek down, and find it to be both open and empty. Me and tripping friend get to go to half-gram friends car and get my suit out of the truck. That was an adventure. It was really awesome. It was raining pretty decently at the time, and the trees with the street light just looked great. We had to walk all the way around the complex to get to the car, so we had time to enjoy things and crack jokes, that was probably the peak of the adventure, although we were on our way down. We get back and get all changed, while the other half-gram friend rolls a fatty. We go smoke it while the half-gram apartment friend goes and listens to some music in a dark room. We gave gave them the rest of the baggies after we had each had another cap or stem or something, they had enough to feel it. Anyways, here we are, all stoned on mushrooms, looking dumb in our trunks, and off we go to the pool, its me, tripping friend, and half-gram+ apartment friend, all walking in the rain, messed up on drugs, that was fun, we were barefoot, and the ground was soo cold, walking was an incredibly freaky experience. Well, we go to the pool and found that it had been shutdown in the time it took us to get our trunks, change, and smoke a giant joint. Back we go to the apartment. We get all changed, and we go back into the dark room to listen to techno. My friend put on rez by Underworld, which was really awesome. We're all enjoying some goofy closed eye visuals and really getting into the music at that point. I can only remember a sort of fractal style landscape passing under me at a fairly rapid pace. The half-gram+ guys must have been peaking at the time. The song ends and we end up out in the living room, which soon became really strange. We put on some Daft Punk, which is some radical music for high people to have sex to (we had no sex though), and we enjoy track 6, which is some cool riffs over ocean sounds, and if I remember it has a nice drum line, then I guess we go to track 4 or something, and the half-gram+ plus joint friend, who is a freaky dancer, starts breakin' to it, tripping friend gets out a flash light and starts waving it around. I'd hate to explain that scene to the neighbors, but it was a blast. After that, we were pretty much down, just stoned at that point. I think it was around 1-2 am. Me, half-gram and tripper go to smoke I guess a bowl and a half of the grass we had, and then it was back home for an awesome sleep.

In conclusion, I think everyone had a blast that night. My friend made a comment something like, "Mushrooms always turn whatever you're doing into a nice little gem that you can put on your shelf, always an adventure." I found that to be quite true. It was somewhat reckless, ill-planned, and dangerous, but everything worked out great. The mushrooms weren't consumed in the most effective manner, had we known that we were going to eat most of them that night, we would have eaten them all at once. I can't really say what effect the beer had on the trip, but it certainly didn't hurt, maybe more people could post their experiences with alcohol and mushrooms? Now I know this was no vision quest, but it certainly was not another night of just getting fucked up.

For people planning a mushroom trip, I had two little peices of advice.

#1. Have something to do. As soon as I sat down and watched that movie, then my mind started wandering, and the trip went downhill very quickly, that was remedied as soon as we hit the road again. (tip #1a. DON'T WATCH FUCKING TELEVISION)

#2. Have some music. Just closing your eyes and listening to music can be a very fun thing to do while tripping. Take advantage of the closed eye visuals. And music no matter what the circumstance can have a definate quantitative effect over the trip. During my second mushroom trip, I had nothing to do, and no music, it was horrid, this trip was spectacular.

Okay, I guess thats it. I hope you enjoyed this little dope tale, I certainly enjoyed the research I did in order to write it.


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