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4g Lemon Tek

The Truth Hurts...

     I am going to explain this trip in as much detail as I can.. So, The trip began the night before when we decided to tek our mushies and let them simmer for a full 24 hours before we ingested them. It was My brother, My friend, and I who ingested. One friend was just there to hang out. We drank our mushies at about 11:00am the next morning, and instantly left the house of origin on a walk. It was pouring rain.  We continued anyways. We walked for about 15 - 30 minutes before the mushrooms hit us like a brick wall.  This was our first experience doing the Lemon Tek method. We found a spot by the river that drained out of the lake. This spot was perfect, and the rain had stopped, but only where we were. We watched the river, and while I was watching it.. I would look up at the massive dirt wall behind it, and the wall would pull to the right like a flowing river...Everything began to pull and swirl around like a river until I was sitting on the ground.. I looked at the sky and it was pulling, contorting, and flowering into intricate designs. 
     We decided to leave the spot we were in and head to a new location. As we left the trench it began pouring twice as hard as before.  We walked away and up a hill. Once we had hit the original path.. I was able to see completely up lake. All the clouds were dropping like massive raindrops and pulling back in like swirls. At the time, we had passed a rock stack, and my brother pointed that it resembled the phi ratio. Once this had happened I had began to see The Golden Ratio in everything.. From trees, clouds, rocks. the river, my friends faces, the sounds of birds as they chirped. I felt like I became connected to the entire universe at this point. 
      We got back into town, and were now heading into a small park. At this time, our sober friend pointed out that all the pine cones were pointing upward. When we began to wonder why, I saw around a pine cone.. a flash of purple around all the lines, and in my head I saw a pine cone slowly drilling itself into the ground pointing upward and pushing out into a tree... It was insane, but now when I see it I can't deny it.. We got across the bridge and by then all of our shoes were soaking wet... It was pushing me beyond my comfort zone. Sadly for us this mean't heading back to our place of origin. The house was rather distasteful. Even though the kids are our friends, and we love them dearly. They are delved into the party scene very deeply. But this became a large contribution to my high. 
      We got back into the house of origin I get my wet clothing off and into drier clothing.. I sit on the couch and close my eyes for e brief moment. The visuals are VERY clear and intense at this point. I saw two beings. Featureless for the most part. They were making sensual expressions toward each other. At the moment of closing my eyes I began to think about the concept and idea behind God. as this happened and these two beings melded into one.. I saw a completely symmetrical face radiating all the feelings of love I thought I ever knew.. After this point.. My brother and I were able to share a low level of telepathy with each other. We would bring eye contact, and were able to understand where we were in each others thinking. It kept us both from going truly crazy. While this was happening. There were people being as humans are to each other. Seeing this on mushrooms, and seeing a higher self. It tears you in half. I got up to use the restroom at one point, and I was feeling down, But as I was urinating.. I could see around the stream a purple lattice of the Fibonacci spiral go down. It instantly brought me back into laughter.. I could only think that God gives us these small gifts that seem funny to us.. It was very weird.... 

All in all... Lemon tek is very nice... Smooth, but packs a hard punch..Do it in comfort, and you can get very far with the things you wanna SEE...Be careful with what you choose to see... 

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