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I understand my purpose in life


Wrote this report months after my experince after an after glow of an 4.5g mushroom experince. I took a heroic dose of 4acodmt, (O-Acetylpsilocin) i took 385mg. Enjoy!

So i scaled out 385mg of 4aco-dmt threw that on a rolling paper and swallowed with the help of a water bottle; had an 1/8th of super silver haze shatter, i had my sokol beaker(dab rig) out since i was tripping its cool it matches my covers so its cool for a trip ha, a d-nail, and so i dab throughout most

my trips and i did so throughout this experience while I was still capable of.

 I start off dabbing a bit and much quicker than usual, the wave of euphoria went into effect and it had only been 15min, I now fully comprehend what I got myself into. A half an hour later it hit me hard, i can feel music, everything is much more vibrant, enhanced senses, incredibly intricate geometric

OEV's and CEV's very complex geometric patterns on walls or anything, wall breathing and constant slow motion tracers around everything when moving my head or when i looked around but much more organic than lsd tracers. I just now realize what i got myself into, it had been less than two

hours and never had i gone this deep with anything not even while combining chocolate form DMT and LSD together. I had not yet peaked i was still coming up, yet when i tried to close my eyes and meditate after a few minutes it all got too intense and i had to open my eyes. I was exhilarated

waiting for the bomb to drop. I put on some Flying Lotus throughout this stage and it kept a most excellent and positive vibe. I am now very deep in the psychedelic trance, having difficulty dabbing, feelings of deep pulses similar to orgasms are constantly flowing throughout my body from head to

toes from heart to soul this feels unreal and nothing has ever been this amazing along with deep philosophical thoughts. This euphoria feels therapeutic I can already tell this is going to be complete deatachment from my ego in a way i had never experienced before. I then decide to open up itunes

visualizer on my tv in my dark room with lights of all color with galactic vibe, making it perfect for a trip imo, very nice and ridiculous to look at because now, because everything is intensifying by a great degree by the minute. At this point time is no longer time to me, more potent visuals, i see faces

coming out of a poster of space, human looking bald and very intense, i look up and detach myself from my body for a quick second while i feel the presence of something, some spirit behind me, it was not a hostile feeling it was a "i have just broken the code of the cosmos" feeling. During that

event i was breaking down and understanding the galaxy and i seemed as if i was a super human thinking of all these amazing conclusions to life and theory's in such quick time while feeling some spirit or entity behind me helping me in sorts to fully comprehend or filter through what i am taking

in from this experience, feels as if its supervising me in a spiritual way it felt very safe and a little anxious but after a kind of emotional test so to say, a "letting go of myself" to be launched into the other side. As this happened i feel a heavy vibration of euphoria in my body and i felt my emotions and

ego exploding completely vanishing and that very second i saw a a vision of the past through the worlds eyes seeing everything in my life in a second literally every memory ignited at the same time and see how i was as a kid and why my parents are my parents and for a quick second everything

went silent and i felt as if i was floating and boom. I had just understood what the meaning of life is and why it is. I was blown away to say the least, it was incredible this was the peak. I felt like a baby, i remembered what it felt like to be a baby and it felt so great i had gone through a gram and half of

shatter by now and i grabbed one gram and squeezed it and threw it across my room i was the most comfortable in my life i needed nothing i was in absolute bliss with waves of endless euphoria, understanding psychology to the greatest extent, anything that crosses my mind was a pattern i

asked myself anything and i answered it and this went on with too many i cant even recall half of my answers but the ones i do are incredible it was too much info to process. after quite a while of this i guesstimate (circa 2.5hrs) i laid on the ground because i wanted to move from my bean bag. So i

did i was laying on the ground having a great time when i said to myself, you

know what? i am going make myself melt in the ground because life is limitless, i went into a sort of meditative state and i felt as if i was melting on to the ground i felt like i was liquid it was unreal, my vision was also distorted and i was flat on the ground. After all this nuttiness i am not capable of

doing things such as using a computer and luckily i predicted such an event, i had already gotten Pink Floyd: The Wall (Movie) opened up and on full screen, so now i just had to press ctrl w to close itunes and space bar to start the movie, well this took me a solid 20min? but i manged. This

movie was very close to overwhelming at this point of my trip, i was extremely emotional and tears of joy and pain where shed it was a beautiful experience really I loved every single bit of it. After the movie I laid in bed listening to music taking in my breakthrough experience and dabbing, just

reflecting on what just happened basically. Close to the end I took 2mg xanax and 100mg seraquel to get some sleep, the exiting parts had past and i was just at the very end of my come down but still had slurred words, i had slurred words after the 1st hour of my trip really it was very intense, all of

it. After this experience I did not notice any psychical side effects but i was most defiantly in a hippy trance for a solid three, four weeks. I was sober for 5 months after that I didn't even smoke weed or hash, not because this experience had scared me away from drugs, it just showed me that they

aren't necessary at all really its all just an illusion created by our self's for whichever reason, even as a religious experience,  this showed me first hand what life can be and how incredible things are. I threw out 60mg xanax, my weed and dab, sold my 700$ rigs and my collection. But hey, I was 17

when i had this experience, so obviously after a while i missed mind surfing, flowers, and tasty hash haha. This was incredibly spiritual i was atheist before, now I know for a fact that we aren't alone, something is taking care of us but only the ones that let themselves be helped. This might sound

like shenanigans to all you but it

truly was this deep of and life changing.


Take care, be safe!

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