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An Eternity of Hours

My second time.

My second time. Had a tiny bit more than an 8th at a friends house. His family was away. We ate them in the forest behind his house. Twenty minutes later I felt as if I had very low blood suger. Slightly tingly. My friend L threw up over the balcony. I was slightly worried about his condition. Drunkenness sets in. We talk, we laugh, we walk around. About thirty minutes in I walk through the kitchen, it seems to slightly compress as I walk through, flatten almost. Cannot truly explain, but very subtle. I walk back outside and take a seat because I feel weak. I walk around to my friend's room from the outside. THe sliding glass door looks slightly curved and warped. Very subtle. I then step inside and lie down on the bed. Close my eyes. A strange facade enters my closed eye vision, popping out at me with a very pointy nose. I open my eyes and tell my friends about it. I step outside and take a seat under the sun. We talk. At about the forty minute mark I get some pretty strong visuals. I'm extremely suprised at how fast begin to hallucinate. The planks of the balcony stretch up and down. I can see very small ivy like patterns weaving around on the breathing planks. i try to explain to my friend. We change spots to the upper balcony and examine the clouds. At this point my friend R experiences his first hallucination. Something about the sky completely stopping at one point and shifting to the right. We talk. We laugh. I enjoy the presence of my friend P's turtle within its enclosed boundaries. I look to my friend L, who vomited, he looks a bit too pale. Like a corpse. I don't tell him this until later when he is feeling better. More hallucinations with the balcony floor. We decide to take a trip into the woods. So much love. I love everyone in my life and everything about my life. I wish I could be with all those I love. So much love. The four of us journey through nature and I am loving it. The greatest feelings. I get tired of attempting to bypass a creek so I simply step through it. Standing in the water I felt so closely connected with nature. I see a spider web. Another. And another. They are everywhere and I cannot seem to get away from them. Things turn dark. I do not like spiders but they are encroaching on me. The spider webs are everywhere on my skin. Spiders everywhere. We eventually make our way into an open meadow and sit down. I am away from the spiders, but not fully. The trees at the edges of the meadow come closer, a bit too close. I cannot see my friend P's house and do not like this feeling. I am lost and look at the trees surrounding us. I must be peaking. A tree morphs into something directly out a nightmare. IT is made of disgusting brain like substance and is interweaving and writhing with itself. I look away, down to my feet. microscopic spiders cover my shoes and my ankles. I am convinced they are real but then they dissapear. I look to my hands. They look dead. My veins pop out andmy hands turn white. I must leave this meadow. This is the first negative experience I have ever had. Minutes prior I was discussing with my friend how there could ever be a possibility of a bad trip. It is very quick and certainly creeps up on you, fast. I tell my friends we must leave and get back to the house, now. After trying to get them to depart several times we finally leave. My must follow my friend P back through the woods. I am lost, I do not know my way. The trails so familiar to me are not the same, I am lost. Lost. I follow my friend closely, often thinking he is leading me in the wrong way. Eventually I reach the sunlight. I am in sight of the house. My fear and anxiety floats away. I walk up to the house and we sit back on the balcony. We are here for what seems like years. Ages. Eternity. We watch the clouds morph into various things. I am tripping, hard. My thoughts are crystal clear but, thinking back, they make no sense. I begin to worry slightly about poison oak. I wish to take a shower but house cleaners have "invaded" the entire house. Eventually after attempting about 5 times to walk downstairs into the shower, I make it. I finally look at a clock. It is 2:00 pm. It has only been two hours since ingestion. The clock bends in on itself and I come to the realization that time is nothing. We have experienced an eternity of emotions and things that cannot even be explained. It has only been two hours. So much occurs for the next two hours. A shower as a life changing experience. Time spent across from a mirror. Attempts at barbacuing. Propane in the error. Reading of Joyce. Beautiful Joyce. Perfection in its finest sense. So much has happened. So many journeys, so many thoughts, so much. So much happening at once. It keeps spilling out. I come down and make food. This has been a long day.

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