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Unforgiving Gods

0,15g of Salvia 40x

So tonight, I had the most intense trip of my entire life. There is honestly nothing that has ever scared me more than this last trip and it really fucked me up bad.
My friend and  I decided it was high time we tried salvia and so I bought a 40x extract online and three days later, it arrived in the mail. Before tonight, I had already smoked it three times over the last two days and the trips got continually worse, tonight being the worst. 

We met up at our trip sitter's place, went into his room and fired up my pipe. I inhaled for about 20 seconds and breathed out. That's when it hit me. 
I was no longer myself. I was completely, 100% gone. I found myself looking through a hundred windows into alternate realities showing the same moment. I felt like I was at one of those superstores where they have a bunch of TVs showing the same program, but instead it was my life. Or at least someone's life. I did not identify with what was going on, at first, but then it hit me that hose were my friends and that was my life I was watching. And as I came to that realization, I got scared that I could not return to it and that I would be stuck looking at all those screens for ever. At the same time, I felt like the Gods of salvia were laughing at me. For being foolish enough to try and cross over to their side, me, a mere human, had challenged them, thinking I could reach divinity without any effort, just by smoking salvia and they were going to let me pay for my mistake for entrapping me into this alternate dimension. After trying very hard, I managed to climb into one of the screens and get back into my head, but my movement was still impaired and so I just sat on the bed and tried to focus on talking to my friends.

My friend also had a bad trip and I think we're going to stay away from salvia in the future. 

It was a terrifying experience and we have learned our lesson. 

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