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AMT and shroomdreams

7:30 pm ingested 50 mg AMT.

7:30 pm ingested 50 mg AMT. 8pm feeling a bit speedy. I take a shower and feel really good. 9 pm I decide to take a walk. On my way I see a baby tree marked for death aww it has a red marker on it and I feel bad. I went back later to remove the tape. 12 mid Everything is enhanced.... colors, music, the candles have a nice glow around them and I feel really good! 12:40 A friend shows up and joins me by taking 65 mg of AMT. I contemplate taking the sacred shrooms I have obtained earlier... I was feeling my AMT trip was lacking intensity. I decided to indulge in the sacred shroom for the very first time. At 1 am I take 3 grams of dry Golden Teacher. Boy I had no idea what I was in for!!!! They kicked in fast! about 1:30 I was seeing kaleidescope effects.. tracers were awesome! CEV's were equally amazing wow such intensity, never before had I experienced such a powerful trip that felt as good as this.I had tried talking in the chat rooms on irc but was completely turned off by the idea.
2am approx I didnt keep an accurate account of time by this point it seemed too difficult and time didnt mean a thing to me. It seemed like time was meaninigless. I stepped outside my sliding glass door and was impacted by a sea of overwhelmment! I felt the trees welcome me. They reached out their beautiful graceful limbs, invited me to stroke a leaf, outstretching, growing towards me! I felt their kindness. The experiennce was immensely humbling. My ego diminished and I was awestruck. The grass warped and buckled and swirled around me in lovely patterns. My little flowers were communicating to me as well by waving their little bell blossoms at me :) they were so sweet and pretty! 2:15 went inside and blew some bubbles!! Intense euphoric feelings!! ROFLMAO in the kitchen hehe :) 2:30 walked outside again... I was walking talking out loud to the trees and I felt really bad about chewing on some toothpicks! I apologized and spat them out when I thought I heard someone laughing at me.

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