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180-190 ug (swiss) LSD

LSD batch was from White Xtal

Hello this is my 2nd trip report on Shroomery, this one is my  1st LSD experience.

Around 10:30 I put the smurf blot underneath my tongue and swallowing it after awhile realizing it tastes like nothing and guessing it was just a piece of paper with a smurf head, but oh no I was wrong. Its 11:45 and I am washing my face and as I look up in the mirror my face full kaleidoscopic as if hundreds of my heads were moving into a circle and smaller versions of my head rolling around it. I was like fuck yea I hadn't been jipped. I go into my room and chill by my window since its cold and I was sweating balls while looking at the snow and how crazy clean it looked and the tree right outside my window turned into some type of tree from a planets galaxies away. Eventually I somewhat end up in my bed sitting up and feeling like a pyramid with 2 eyes and 2 irisis with a bent morphed halo around the top ( I dunno its sounds crazy). I see visuals of  thousands of eyes all around me moving up similar to my avatar. I lay down and see open eyed visuals of kaleidoscopic cartoons and random smurf feet running into multiple dimensions  and I seem to have become the dresser and feeling like am I going to be a dresser my whole life. Then myself as the pyramid thing melted off the dresser and somewhat I was able to move and I really had to piss b/c MTN DEW on LSD tastes so good for some odd reason. I'm scared to leave my room thinking I will not find my way back to my portal. I get up and the rest of my body has twisted and I can barely see my feet and this red liquid seemed to seap around my lower parts and I feel it. I though OH SHIT im pissing myself and cant stop it. I fully stand up and realize i'm dry and not pissing myself or bleeding. I walk to my door and of course its squiggly and really tall. I open the door and the hall is painted dark purple with white vinyl trees around it so it was very mystical while I was tripping. I go across  the hall and into the bathroom and boom my whole visions turns bright white I can't see shit and I knew I left the door open and I was paranoid of my dad or step-mom lurking to use the bathroom and in the tiniest sliver I see my door and I leap back into my portal to escape the white blindness. Even through all that trouble I still haven't got to take a piss so I'm like I'll just piss in the trash can. Around this time its around 4:15 or 4:30 I could hardly read my alarm clock its like all the digits just went to the side.
                   So I just watch the mystical snow in my homemade bed by my window of nothing but coats thinking of things I thought of never before and boom my window cracks, I start flippin out if this even real or am I trippin and thinking my dad's gonna kill me since I somehow broke this glass with my mindfuck brain powers and I will never be able to explain to him about it. About 5 min later while I was hung up on that , a neighbor pulled out onto the road which I could see from my window and the car got trapped inside the crack of the window and I'm like shit this is never going to wear off, so 35-40 min later the car in the crack dissolves. I finally realize that the window cracked due to the extreme low temps outside.I believe it was around 5-6 am I here the most beautiful alien voice ever and I realize it was my lil 4 year old brother just waking up and I wanted to watch adventure time with him but it was around 5 or 6 am and my parents would think that would be very odd since it was a snow day that day and why would a 17 year old boy be up that early on a snow day. I just chill in my room really wanting to smoke a cig so around 8:30 I just go out the front door and down the street to smoke like 4 cigs I dunno why but I did. I come back and realize everybody is gone besides my step-mom I heard her talking downstair or some shit in the weirdest language. The rest of the day I was scared I had HPPD b/c I was searching google and eventually found out you just needed to force yourself to sleep to rewind, I lay down but get up and had the erge to draw what I tripped I did I will post it soon, I eventually nocked around 4pm and didnt wake up till 3 am the next day.

    I didn't know LSD fucked with your hours so much but that was the quickest night of my life, prolly cause I was having so much fun but I always wanted to smoke cannabis on the come up and trip during the day sometime but I haven't even been around people or even friends while i'm on LSD only once when it has worn off. I wonder what is like to watch a movie or play vid games b/c that time I had no electronics in my room. Only 2 cans of cold MTN DEW yum :).

Anyway if anyone has every had any similar experiences I had on LSD please share,
Thanks for reading my 2nd trip report on shroommery have a nice night.

-40' Ounse

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