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4.5 gram Golden Teachers (dried)

perfect dosage if you are around 130-145 pounds.

Hello, I am new to Shroomery and I would wish to share my Mushroom trip report with you all. This would be my third trip ever and not as crazy as my 2nd.

Started around 2:00 pm , when I scored my 1/2oz of Golden teachers . I begin to eat , I don't even know how much on my way home since I was so excited. I arrive home, I lock my door so no interruption b/c of nosey parental units. So while scaling my 3.5 g trip I can hardly understand the unit measurement numbers they turn into some type of alien algebraic symbols and I don't know why I was already tripping hard besides I ate a few caps and stems on my way home. So I make some 1000mg vitamin c orange powder with fizzy water and down the additional 3.5 grams. I started to read The Satanic Scriptures and I swear the book became alive sentences were moving but still legible. I put my book down the littlest stitches on my covers were moving forward at the speed of light I felt as if I was in water and everything I saw came in weird waves. Around 3:30 the rain started to go away and the sun came out and oh boy everything was so beautiful outside tree bark had faces of the humblest people the clouds looked like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book, I decided to go ride my deck even though it was still wet out and that was the most fun time ever just riding the concrete like I was surfing or some shit. Cigs or Blunts/Joints are necessary, I dunno smoking while tripping is like a must to me and I hardly smoke. So I'm skating around my neighborhood in the middle of bumfuck nowhere seeing random deer and skating in front of people and not realising they are there till they honk, So I'm like I better just walk the rest home but I end up skating home down some steep ass hills and the wind on your face is like a whole new sensation, I normally tear down these hills like nothing but while I was tripping it seemed as they were steeper and I felt so proud of myself for some odd reason. Well I end up home around 6:40, worried that my dad would be on me about some stupid shit but luckly he was taking a nap and  I decide to read some more of my book but can't do to the amazing visuals I was still having and not being able to concentrate on even a sentence. By 7:00 my trip is starting to wear off. Everything past that is irrelevant to the trip report and quite boring. 

            So I believe my trip was between 4.5-6g dried I really wish to figure out the exact dosage so I know the perfect dose and also I forgot to add my tolerance was way down even from thc/cbd. I hadn't tripped or smoked (cannabis) about a month and 1/2 prior to this trip. I really don't know why this is one my best golden teacher experiences, If anyone who is knowledgable with GT's please enlighten me with your experiences or advice for my next future trip with these beautiful fungi.

Thanks for taking your time to read this,

-40' Ounse

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