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LSD at the zoo

The most emotional and intense experience of my life

So this is my first trip report, just thought i'd put it out there as i'm bored. I guess its pretty long but it is a pretty good one if you can be bothered to read it. 

So me and two friends (Cam and Ben) decided it would be awesome to take acid at the zoo since summer was coming to an end and we wanted to have a day together while the weather was nice. I took about 250mic and Cam and Ben took 125 since they don't really do drugs in general. 
We dropped the acid as we began to approach the gates, i should probably note that this zoo is all spread out over a huge estate in the countryside, its not indoors or loads of small enclosures close together. just as i started to come up, we were standing in front of these monkeys or gibbons? Sorry i'm bad with names. Anyway they all started making these really loud shrieking sounds and it was so loud i started getting slightly overwhelmed as i looked around i could hear kids whining and things like that over everything else so we moved away into a field and sat on this bench which calmed me down again. Now the acid had almost fully taken hold. I decided i should lay on the ground and listen to the earth, so i got on my hands and knees and put my ear to the ground for a minute then pretty much straight after i got up the visuals really kicked in

 Trees were filled with multicolored veins pulsing through them, the clouds were kind of twisting and changing shapes. At this point my friends had started also started tripping but they were very quiet, and didn't want to stay in one place for more than a minute or so and were always walking very quickly so i was lagging behind which started to make me nervous, i thought they were playing some weird kind of mind game on me  so i had to keep running up and asking them "are you playing mind games on me?", of course they weren't. i was really getting weird by this point, Not in a bad way just very very fucked. I held my hands out in front of a chain fence and realized there was literally no distinction between the fence and my hands, almost like when a chameleon takes on the colors behind it that's what my hands were doing with the fence. my friend came and asked me what i was doing i just looked at him and said "dude i cant even see my fucking hands" then wandered off to look at some penguins with my mouth wide open and tongue hanging out like a dog, because i could feel and taste the air on my tongue in a way i never had before. According to my friends who were substantially less fucked than i was and weren't quite sure what to do with me i looked like a special needs child as harsh as that sounds but looking back i probably did, i had become extremely child like in the way i was thinking and acting. We decided to go into a bat enclosure where you stand in a pitch black room with a big glass window that looks over a bat enclosure and they fly up to the glass and things, there is one red light in the bat enclosure which give enough light so that you can see the bats, but i just remember only being able to describe it as if they had a multicolored disco ball in there. 

Anyway i'm just going to skip to the good part or ill go on forever. My friend grabbed me and said "follow me, your gonna lose your shit", he led me into like, closed off botanical enclosure where you can walk through loads of exotic plants and there are birds that fly around you and all of a sudden i was completely overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of it, i literally broke down in tears on the spot i dropped to my knees and started balling my eyes out like id never cried before in my life, and this was the first time id cried since i was a tiny child. I wasn't crying because i was sad but because i felt an immense connection to the universe that id never experienced before. I couldn't even speak every time i managed to stop myself from crying as soon as i tried to describe what was happening it would set me off again i mean i literally couldn't even walk i was so overwhelmed, my friends managed to get me outside which turned out maybe not to b the best idea because then i really started getting crazy i started screaming into the sky and punching walls till my knuckles were bleeding, all in front of family's with small children staring at me, then my friend tried to calm me by hugging me so we just stood in the middle of a crowd of people, hugging while i cried my eyes out, he said i was squeezing him so tight he thought i was gonna break his ribs. I thought that if i punched the ground it would somehow make me become a part of the world so i really cocked back my arm and smashed my fist into the floor pretty damn hard and instantly i thought i had broken my wrist, i mean i was in pain so bad it was like nothing id ever felt in my life, i couldn't move my hand and it was just flopping around on the end of my arm. The pain was so bad i couldn't walk so my friends had to go and get the zoo first aid team out :D this is when things got hilarious, my friends had to pick me up put me on a wheelchair and wheel me through the zoo all of us tripping our nut off, when the  first aider asked me what happened i just told her id taken acid and thought if i punched the floor id be more connected to the universe and she just said "oh, that was a bit silly" haha. So next we get to this flipping huge mansion which is where the zoo is, its in the grounds of this big mansion, and i'm getting wheeled through looking at these paintings that make no sense whatsoever my friends are just finding the whole situation extremely awkward, then we get into the first aid room and this guy is like "ok i need you to try and move your hand" and really slowly in loads of pain i slowly start managing to just about creak my fingers a little bit open then all of a sudden i just popped my hand open hold it up in the air and say "oh, sorry i'm absolutely fine, i just took too much acid and thought id broken my wrist. Sorry if i caused you any hassle.". The first aider absolutely loved it! he just just smiles and goes "oh, good old boy, what did you take, liquid or tabs?" i told him it was just tabs, and he was totally cool about it, he just laughed and said it was no problem at all he used to do acid all the time and that if we wanted we could stay as long as we want just try not cause any more fuss then he sent us away with a cheeky grin and a wave. :D I couldn't believe how well the whole situation was turning out but we decided we should probably leave. We called a friend and he came and picked us up, then once we got back inside, a  house we were all super chill and just enjoyed the rest of our trip creating ridiculous characters on WWE. Overall it was by far the most intense trip id ever had, the connection i felt and the beauty i perceived of that connection was so intense i almost consider it a religious experience except religion wasn't involved. I would 100% recommend going to the zoo on acid just make sure you can handle your shit because it can be very overwhelming and intense, at least it was for me and i'm no stranger to psychedelics. I probably wont be going back any time soon. But thanks for reading this hope you liked it and happy tripping. 

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