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For new years eve this year a group of us who regularly take drugs together were in amsterdam.

For new years eve this year a group of us who regularly take drugs together were in amsterdam. We smoked weed for the first couple of days but on the day after new years day me and one of my friends decided to try magic mushys. It was our first time so we didnt really know what to expect but we decided to go to the cinema. First we went about finding a smart shop where we each bought a bag of mexican dried mushrooms.
We went to see harry potter & the philoshophers stone, which is a kids film about wizards. We ate the 3 mushys in the bag each and didnt really notice any effect for a while. But then it hit me all at once, i cant remember much of the plot of the movie but i can remember thinking it was the best 1 id ever seen. The colours and peoples faces were constantly moving. We left early as we were both feeling kinda sick. We made a bee line for the toilet where the white cubicle was pulsing with green pink and blue lights. I was in a state of complete confusion where i would have had trouble recalling my own name if someone had asked. The worst task was the one we still had to face, we had to find our way around a strange city while tripping. When we got out the door of the cinema absolutely nothing looked familiar. We stood by the door of a shop and i couldnt stop laughing, my friend was pretty freaked out at this stage and she kept telling me to stop laughing but there was nothing at all that i could do about it. We set off in search of a tram at least 4 times but inexplicably we kept ending up at the same doorway. Eventually we jumped into a taxi, we confused the taxi driver so much we eventually had to get out and pay him a hugh amount of money. We were lucky because where he had left us was near to where we had to go.
We got to the apartment block where my friends brother was living and this was were the real tripping began. My friend kept asking me if we were in the right place but when i looked around all i could see was the town square in the centre of amsterdam. We got into the building cos someone left the door open but her brother wasnt home so we sat outside his door waiting for him. The people next door were shouting in a foreign language but my mind was taking the sounds and making the into english. the lights were on a sensor and when they went off all i could see was the snow through the window swirling and making shapes. i became convinced we were sitting on the edge of a cliff and when my friend moved out of my line of vision i was convinced she had tumbled off the edge. Evenually her brother came home and let us in but it took a lot of convincing before my friend would beleive we were actually there and that this wasnt just one big trip. We sat watching movies and smoking weed for the rest of the night.
Ive taken speed, coke, ecstacy and mushrooms and ive smoked a lot of weed. But without a doubt mushys were the most amazing

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