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first trip crazy 1oz trip

field shrooms

  I know an ounce of shrooms for the first time is a HORRIBLE idea but I didn't know at the time lol.

  I was 17 and smoked a lot of weed but never tried any hallucinagents. My older sister sandy who was 21 always told me stories of when she tripped with her friends while we would toke together and of course I got curious. One day I asked if she would trip with me and she agreed if I went with her to pick them.

  So that weekend me, my sister, my good friend johnny (who has also never tripped before) and my sisters boyfriend at the time all went picking in a field just on the outskirts of town. When we got to the field we barely saw any, maybe 4 or 5 purple ringers. Then we went into the thick brush with a trail the cows made. We saw a couple more here and there, but then there was a big cave like trail where the oak trees formed a canopy overtop  with peppertrees on either side letting in little light. That's where we found almost all of the shroomies hiding! Tons of them everywhere! it was a great rush, almost like hitting the jackpot. We went on and picked a few more and ended up with about 6 oz's wet.

   Later that day we bought an oz of weed and went to my sisters friends and offered him and his girlfriend, who have experienced shrooms, an ounce each to trip with us if me, herself, her boyfriend, and johnny could stay at there house and they said of course. To my sister eating an ounce of shrooms is normal, she can always control herself and has never had a bad trip. So all five of us ate an ounce wet, followed with orange juice, and topped off with a blunt while we waited for the effects. After about 20 or 30 minutes of talking and smoking I began to see slight waves in my vision and shades of color trail behind things as i turned my eyes so i stood up and walked to the back sliding doors and looked outside his backyard, which was a huge golf course with a couple palm trees here and there, and I saw the most perfectly cut grass I had ever seen in my life, and the palm trees lined up side by side in perfect uniform left and right as far as my field of vision could see, and the sky was a beautiful mixture of orange and yellow and blue with the sun setting in the backround. I looked at my sister and her friends with the biggest smile on my face and asked if it would be fine to go on a walk down the golf course, they said it was fine so we rolled a couple blunts and all left the house tripping our balls off.

  It was probably between an hour and an hour and a half before we started walking down the golf course and I don't remember much because time was completely distorted, things were slowing down and then speeding up and it seemed as if time was overlapping itself somehow. My visuals were insane! I remember seeing a wall of colors in front of me, I couldn't see past 10 or 15 feet. And anything within this distance was covered in a layer of very strange yet beautiful vivid patterns and colors. I was so disoriented by the shrooms and countless blunts I remember looking at my sister and saying things like " the world is full of questions!! Where are we?! That's a question. Where's monica (my 15year old sister who wasn't even with us at the time) that's another question". I was having a blast don't get me wrong, there was just a couple times where a wave would hit me and I would forget where we were or even WHO we were, frightened for a few moments but then reassured by my sister that everything was Ok and I would be fine again. I remember at one point I asked my sister if we were dead! She looked at me and said laughing " no chad you're just tripping balls haha!" Then I would remember and just say oh yeah.. And just start laughing with her! 

  After about 2or 3 hours of walking around outside we decided to come in. at this point I was starting to come down a little but still tripping balls. Hours went by, most of which I don't remember. I do recall at one point  i was tripping so hard that I remembered the wall of colors from the golf course and how I would walk through them, then looked at a normal wall and bet my friends that I could walk through this wall! Of course I ran at the wall only to have bounced off it and landed on my ass..

  Eventually I ended up laying in the guest bed where I remember seeing crazy patterns and colors every time I closed my eyes. I woke up the the morning and we all talked about what we remembered. This was definitely a memorable trip but I would never eat an entire oz again! 

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