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Time Warp


2Grams blue ringers, .1 gram dab (bubba kush) 

To start off, I believe I should go over the various events of the day. Woke up at about 1pm or so, did my daily dos, and found myself playing Skyrim before I knew it. I had beaten the main story line and most of the DLC but still found it fun to run around, explore, and kill whatever came my way. Before I knew it, I glanced over at the clock and 2:30 had crept up on me, reminding me of my prior arrangement of going to the movies with my little brother. The movie we had decided on was “Exodus.” I threw on the nearest clothes and walked over to his room where he was leaning like a Cholo, texting on his IPhone. Our conversation was brief and went a little something like this, “Hey, let’s go.” So we did.
On the ride to the movies, he slowly looks over at me and tells me he’s doing a “hippie flip.”  This was going to be an amazing experience for him. To those of you who do not know what a “hippie flip” is, it’s a hallucinogen and molly. The movie was great as expected, but during the showtime a female – We’ll call her Maddison – began texting me and asked how I felt about getting food. She was just getting off work and we were just about the leave the movies, so it worked out great. My brother and I ventured back to our neck of the woods and met up with Maddison at Panda Express. She was wearing my sweatshirt from the night before which I wanted back, but later found out she wasn’t wearing anything under it, so I let her keep it for another day. We finished our meals, said our goodbyes and went home. My brother went to his room, and I went to mine. 5 minutes later he comes back in with a little baggie. It was full mushrooms. My night was about the get interesting. I took ¾ of the bag and saved the rest for my friend, Emi-lemi-lee, who would be joining me shortly for this experience. She showed up a little later and took her share. 
My brother then notified me that his friend had just gotten back from a concert and was willing to hook us up with a Dab. I was excited to say the least. Two drugs that I have never tried before. We decided that walking would be our best option, since all of us were on, or were going to be on something shortly. The mile walk was a nice little refresher. Feeling the brisk wind on my face, and the small water droplets dancing on my pores with every step. 
We arrived at Z’s house; He was already outside in his garage. There was some exchange of words, some looks thrown around and then the torch was lit. Z pulled a small dab out of the large pile he had and placed it on the end of what looked to be Skyrim style lockpick. I brought the bong up to my mouth and my brother dropped the dab in as I inhaled. It felt smooth and creamy for about 2 seconds, and then it felt like I deepthroated a sword. The burn on the back of my throat was terrible. Coughing pursued for the next 10 minutes. Thank you Z for the water bottle. After I noticed the burn was gone, everything hit me like a brick. There was no blood in my brain anymore, and I felt my vision start to fade. I was lightheaded, and it felt like my ears were plugged and there was pressure on the sides of my head that seemed to pull my head down. Damn you gravity. At this time, standing was one of the hardest things to do. 
Emilem watched as I rapidly sunk into the funk. I spoke with what little effort I could muster, “We need to go, like, Now.” I was sorry that I had to cut the visit short, but that didn’t matter if I passed out. I began walking and within 100ft or so, I began feeling better. I’m not sure whether it was just getting my blood going, or I had something else to focus on, but it was working. I could feel my balance beginning to fail me. My legs became heavy, creating sloppy footwork, but it didn’t take much effort to lift my legs. My body felt as if it were being pulled to the sky and down to the concreate, giving me this awkward posture that felt proper. As we were nearing our street, I knew the shrooms were kicking in as I watched the shadows of the foliage divide in two, and the lights became small stars, creating streaks in my vision. Time started to feel different as I walked. I saw myself in a hallway with my surroundings painted on the walls. Emilem and brother were talking about something and they looked over at me. Brother got close to my face and looked me straight in the eyes, leaned back, and began laughing saying that I became a shark from how large my pupils had grown. We hurried to the house, where I found myself looking at the other houses in Awe. The negative space between houses made it seem as if they were perched on the limbs of a castle. A giant floating cathedral of a city with everyone connected. 
We finally reached the front door where I put off my drugged stupor for as long as I could while we climbed the stairs to my room. This is where the feels began to hit me. I stripped down to my boxers and T-shirt, not caring about what was acceptable at this time. I approached my computer chair and watched at became a throne as I slowly sat down. I looked over at my other two companions who took their seats on my bed. From my point of view, the blocky window behind them became an open portal to the outside, made of stone. The reflection of my computer screen made the setting outside look like a flaming sunset of orange various shades of yellow with hills in the background. I was having a difficult time living between what was actually happening and what my brain wanted to happen. I mentioned how much effort it took to fight for my grasp on reality. I was then faced with the comment of, “Why fight it? Just let it happen.” This seemed like a good enough idea to me.
I let myself become part of the video game I had played earlier that day. Watching my company do even the simplest tasks was overwhelmingly interesting. I was spectating the events unfold around me from the top seats of the movie theaters with my bag of popcorn – cool ranch Doritos. I was asked by Emilem to plug in her charger to my computer. This required me to leave that comfort of my Throne. I took the USB and sat on the ground in front of my computer. I plugged in the charger and get hungry for a mouth orgasm. I grabbed the starburst resting on my computer desk just above my head. There was a collapse in time and I realized I was staring at the starburst wrapper in wonder as I processing how to open it. Emilem asked for a starburst and I handed the one I was working on to her. I fumbled with the packaging to obtain another Juicy square from heaven. I enjoyed the Feeling of eating, instead of the flavor more. It was brought to my attention that I was still on the ground, so I got back to my throne, where I perched and leaned back to relax fully. 
Time began to become my enemy as it distorted my perception. I noticed patterns and shapes, sets of 3, and field of view change. My vision was something of a spectacle. My peripheral would not exist, and then over the next 3 seconds, it would get wider and I would see things by my shoulders, and then instantaneously experience my vision narrow to just a small portion of its recent size. This was then an ongoing thing for the rest of the night. I had just enough strength to fight it for only seconds at a time if I needed to do something, but that ability would soon leave me. Derek showed up just in time for me to completely lose my mind. I had the Giggles. Every time someone looked at me, it was as if I was in the movies, and the actors were breaking the 4th wall. This to me was hilarious and uncomfortable. I resided back to my chips, which had changed to Spicy sweet chili. As Derek came through the door, the black lights I setup a few minutes ago illuminated his Neon Green work shirt and made him into a glorious knight in predator blood armor. Time was severely distorted now as it felt like days went by between my relapses in vison throbbing. Each moment had its day cycle and I found myself growing enormously close to these 3 people as it felt like my life was being lived to its end as an old man. Our days in the castle consisted of us all talking and eating chips while passing the orange juice around the large round table. 
Someone suggested we go outside for a blunt. I was excited as can be to go on an adventure. I got bundled up again and fought with all my heart to push the high out of my head in order to walk down the stairs without making too much noise. Derek was in front of me, he got to the first landing and struck this pose that for a moment looked like a monster from my nightmares as a kid. A quick moment of terror was lived as a lifetime as I brushed it off and continued walking, not letting that little act phase me. We made it outside as I emerged from the depths of Tartarus, feeling victorious in our moment of triumph over the wicked challenge of stairs and drugged movements. Everyone made it outside and Emilem took a seat on the small step outside the door. Derek stared at me letting me know it was time to go, or that he was just staring at me. I took this as my time to act. Brother had finished closing the door and I reached my hand down to the sitting Emilem and helped her up. We ventured to the car in the driveway and I took the backseat. At this time, my emotions began to fight with me. I was conflicted deeply with what I was feeling. Laughter and joy, this made me giggle, at everything. Regret and Fragile anger at them all for letting me try this. Depression and sadness for letting them see me like this. This became very hard to keep my cool. I wanted the attention off me, I just wanted to spectate. Derek looked at me and smiled, and I remember feeling those 3 emotions swirl, but I could only feel one at a time in very strong increments. I laughed at him because he smiled, then got mad at him for making me laugh, and then I wanted to hide, so I brought my hood up. And then laughed at pulling my hood up, and called him an asshole for making me laugh, then felt bad for calling him that and retreated further. This went on for quite a while. The blunt was lit and was being passed around. I took it from whoever was holding it and took a long drag. “Ah,” I remember thinking as the silky smoke entered my body. And then it felt like glass as it hit my previous burn. Ensue coughing for the next 5 minutes. The coughing caused my stomach to contract and tighten as I tried to hurl the smoke and pain from my throat. The smoke isn’t the only thing to come out. I left the Doritos make an appearance and opened the door to reveal the contents of my stomach to the outside world. 
This introduced a new word to my vocabulary of about 10 words. “Sorry.” It became my new favorite amongst the other 2, “Asshole” and “Damn.” Those 3 emotions then cycled along with the 3 words for the rest of the night. We made our way back into the house and up to my room. Derek left shortly after, and Emilem went to the bathroom. I remember feeling very vulnerable, I would agree with everyone, or do what they said, and I was so willing to help, to offer my knowledge to the people around me. I searched for the answers to my questions I came up with, often the same question because I couldn’t think about anything else. Internal conflicts, Time distortion, patterns, sets of 3, Pride, Shapes, the same, Lust. The feeling of wanting to be with someone was at points, overwhelming. I began Snapchatting Maddison. I missed her, wanted her. I felt lonely, but wanted to be alone because I felt Pathetic. This melting pot of emotions settled on one thing, mental horniness. Physically, I was fine, but what my mind wanted to do was something I could never commit to. Brother put a few videos on, like Tenacious D, and Spongebong hemppants. My body was feeling uncontrollable and I Began to lose control as I felt my muscles begin to twitch in various parts of my body. I wanted to make it seem like I was fine, and to hide how pathetic and sorry I was. I didn’t want them to see me as feeble and weak, so I got angry, and felt like I could kick anyone’s ass. I kept repeating, “I’m not a bitch, I’m a badass. I’ll fight you.” As I laid there, tweaking out, muscles twitching, eyes wide, emotions fighting me, I wanted it to end, but I liked it. I made myself a promise I would never do it again. 
Brother left after the videos were done and 2 lifetimes had passed. I looked through my pictures on my phone and saw pictures of Maddison. This made me horny again, so I’m right back to Lust. I remember looking over the edge of my bed where Emilem laid on the pullout bed. I admired her facial features and her beauty. Running scenarios through my head. Wanted memories. I didn’t see her in this way normally, but I couldn’t help myself. I knew I couldn’t do anything. She’d never forgive me. Derek would never forgive me. I would never forgive me. But temptation. I got up out of the bed and went over to my computer. I opened an incognito window and pulled up some porn and watched a few videos. I wondered how I would explain any of this if I was caught by Emilem or the other members of the house. I contemplated locking the door, but that would only look so much worse with her next to me. I closed the web browser and laid back down in my bed. I checked my phone a few times after that and attempted to close my eyes. My actions weren’t lining up with what I thought and saw I was doing. I would place a chip near my lips, thinking it was only half way, but still trying to bite down, only to find the chip in my mouth. 
Overall, I had a good experience. I will never do it again, and I learned a lot about myself, but I’m done with drugs for a while.

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