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First time shroom trip report.

First time, best time

My first time doing shrooms was one of the best experiences I've had in my life. I'm 17, 6'2, 205 pounds, a white polish-irish kid who was talked into taking shrooms by his best friend. At first I was extremely hesitant, having numerous drug problems in the past, I was fearful that either more cravings would reappear, or that I would have a bad trip and be left scarred by the whole situation. Eventually, I stopped being a bitch, smoked a couple grams with my friend, we'll call him T, and decided to take 2 grams of blue cap mushrooms, I'm not sure what specific species they were. We sat down on his couch, I had completely emptied my system. For some reason, I felt 100% ready for whatever was going to happen for the duration of the night.

Upon sitting down, we had uncapped and took a few sips of pulp-filled orange juice, because we had read on this website that orange juice with pulp will enhance the effects and catalyze the trip. Basically, making it better and kick in faster. I was extremely nervous to take the shrooms, because of the pure fact that I could fall into a bad trip and have to ride it out until the end. I had the 2 grams in the palm of my hand, it was one of the prettiest things I've seen in my life. Not visually, but meaningfully. These 2 grams, made up of a few dried up stems and a couple puffy caps, we're going to take me on the ride of my life that night and nothing could have excited me more. I popped them in my mouth, chewing on them slowly and swallowing whatever juices came out. It tasted completely disgusting, and I had to tell myself I was eating shitty peanuts to stop myself from throwing up. I ended up swallowing them with orange juice after steadily chewing and sucking, making sure I ingested every single thing that came with the mushrooms themselves. Without knowing, I had just taken the drug that would send me on the most psychologically pleasing, euphoric, self-actualizing trip of my life.

It took a while for them to kick in. A significant amount of time had passed, and I was growing impatient. Me and T had packed a couple more bowls of exotics, and smoked a little bit, drank more orange juice, and relaxed. A few minutes after that, I noticed something. I was twirling my fingers one at a time, and it was mesmerizing. I was making my fingers dance, dancing in front of my face. Now that I think of it, those dancing fingers was what made me truly appreciate the opportunity I had in front of me. I could literally do, think, say, and feel whatever I wanted in an extremely positive environment. Never do shrooms outdoors, or with people you don't fully trust. I love my best friend more than many things, and I knew he was the right person to do this with.

When I first started "feeling it," I was amazed. Colors were materializing out of thin air, trails, swirls, visual distortions, just a purely euphoric mindstate and visual happenings that intrigued me. Why was I so okay with my reality being shifted this much? Why was the reality shifting at all? At one point in the trip, I had even asked myself what if the life I was living wasn't my reality? What if I was living a lie, and the shrooms were what was going to keep me honest? I had thought that the shrooms gave me self power, gave me the opportunity to find myself. I did find myself, and I realized alot about myself. I figured out that all my goals were achievable, I figured out that every single thought I had in my mind, was either good or bad, and could be kept or discarded with a simple snap of the finger. I was in full control of everything and anything in my environment, and nothing could've made me happier.

I wanted the trip to last alot longer than I thought it would, so I popped some more and continued my experience. I'm not too sure how much I took that night, anywhere from 3 to 5 grams. Which is alot, I'd say, for a first trip.

Once I got over the spiritualization of the mind that was taking place, I felt myself melting in with my surroundings. I was becoming a part of everything, embedded in the universe. My mind was a spaceship, floating aimlessly in the galaxy of my surroundings. I was so happy that I even considered crying. Not out of any negative emotion, but out of pure happiness. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and at this point in my trip all of that was gone. I felt as if I was 100% myself, nobody could stop me, not even me.

I was sitting on T's couch, and I couldn't move. Well, I could move, I just didn't have a need to move. I didn't have any obligation to move, I was free. I used that freedom to my advantage and did whatever I wanted to do. At this point in time, I wanted to lay on that couch, and feel everything. I felt the couch, the floor, the blanket, the hair brush on the table in front of me, my friends cat, everything. Everything had such a good feeling, and I was in pure awe. Was I in heaven? Did I somehow cross a threshold in which everything in my own little world was pure and unique? I don't know, but something tells me that the idea of it all was not far fetched. I was happy.

My other friend was dealing with a really bad trip, but that didn't stop me from feeling extraordinarily good about myself and how I was feeling. Everything was perfect, and even I felt perfect. I was on top of the world that I had created myself. Time stood still, but I was still in motion. I was completely in tune with the atmosphere in which I was in. At one point, I felt rooted into the couch. I could not leave that couch because it was now a part of me. Or, should I say, I was a part of the couch. Never had I ever thought that shrooms would make me realize that we are everything. Everything is made up of energy, and that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Much like mass, but mass is an object. Energy is a pure source. And at that point in my trip, I had felt pure.

Hours passed, and me and T had gone to his room to sleep. He was going to fall asleep, but I had turned to him and said "Oh you don't wanna talk, niggy?" That is a word that we jokingly call eachother. Kind of like an inside joke styled phrase. And then the discussion started, which carried us to sleep. The universe, life, the meaning of everything, any philosophical and/or biblical themed topic you can think of, we discussed. It was as if we were completely in sync, our minds sharing the same thoughts about everything. I learned in that discussion that T was one of my closest friends and I loved him more than life itself. The bond we fortified that night was stronger than steel, and that steel is what constructed our new friendship. After a few hours of very meaningful conversation, we slept. And I don't remember a single dream, but somehow I know deep in my mind that they were the most exhilarating, enticing, and vividly exciting dreams that I have ever had in my life. That night was full of laughs, full of cries, full of pure joy, and full of perfection. The perfect feeling of a perfect trip which created a perfect night.

All in all, I highly recommend mushrooms. My experience was a level 5 trip to me because I hit every phase I have ever heard of. And I was in control of it all. Walk into a shroom trip with an open eyes, an eager heart, and a clear mind, and you will enjoy yourself as much as I had. The best night of my life was on shrooms, and that's because I didn't let it control me, I controlled the shrooms. Once you realize the amount of spiritual power you have upon ingesting the psychedelic, then you will have the time of your life. Make sure you don't have anything to do that day, that night, and the day after. Clear your mind, do it with someone you trust with your life, and most importantly, have fun. I loved my trip, I have done shrooms 5 times including that time, and every trip was amazing. You will never feel a trip as good as your first one, but you will be able to relive the experiences you had inside your mind. To me, that is wonderful, and I am very thankful and lucky that shrooms gave me the chance to go through so much positivity in one night, and have it stick with me until now. Try shrooms, you won't be disappointed.

- DancingFingers

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