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Mushroom trip with GF.

Bringing closer together.

We decided that we take some shrooms, it was GF's first time so she wanted mild trip so she gets to know shrooms better and sees how she reacts to them, which i find wise not to dive straight to deep trip, I've done couple of times before so i knew about what to expect and prepped her for it by telling what might be coming. We planned to take shrooms at my place, put some relaxing music to background, we dosed shrooms so i took total of 2,5g and she took around 2g.

I started to feel a bit ill and anxious after 15-20mins of digesting, she only felt strange in her head and a bit giggly, i suggested that we go outside for a while since it helps me with the anxiety and illness, we walked around the city for 15-20mins and then went back inside since its winter and it was really cold outside. When we finally got inside, she felt really dizzy in the head, saying that she feels like passing out, she kept staring at my coffee table, she said that it kept changing it's form from small to big and from tall to short, sometimes it would seem like it was farther away and sometimes really close, also she stared at my ashtray, the ash was flowing from the sides to the center, like it was a river flowing, it seemed really interesting since she kept staring at it, her dizziness went away in 5-10 mins. I started to feel a bit better in an hour after digesting. I started to see breathing sofa, lights in the room became a lot brighter, the room felt really soft and light looked really warm (hard to describe all the feelings, try to explain color to a blind guy? :D)

We lay down on the sofa and i hug my gf, she felt really distant to me even if i was as close as i can be, and she felt really thin when i hugged her, like she was not there at all physically. . I stare at the roof, it looked like it was a beach, i saw a ledge in roof, light was pouring in to it, colors were very vibrant and more colorful and normally, she saw the sofa breathing too. While still laying on the sofa, i saw the roof suddenly bend down like 30 degrees from the other side, it was really strange, i had to look away since didn't like the look of it, felt like it that the roof was gonna come down so i started to sit. The sofa where we were laying down before, it looked like it had an electric current running trough it, if i kept staring it i could see small pillars rising in the canvas. I got many strange feelings, like once it felt like someone had put a hand on my leg even if there was no hand there. We kissed and it felt like my lips melted to hers, she said the exact same thing, we kept kissing and exploring this feeling :)  i got startled when i briefly looked at the sofa, it huffed, it looked like it would explode to my face, but i knew it was nothing to be afraid of, we just laughed to that when i told her what i saw, we talked alot of life and almost about everything.

Visuals started to calm down, but our minds were still fully in the trip, i could "see" everything she told me, every detail she told got painted in my mind, we kept talking, shared alot of things, we felt that we got ALOT closer / intimate by this experience together, we ran out of tobacco and started contemplating that could we go and get some from the nearby gas station, but we didn't want to go since our eyes were still so wide that everyone who would see them would know that we have taken something so we just kept waiting and waiting. Whole trip lasted for something like 6hours or more.  Finally when we decided to go to get tobacco, she wanted to stay out of the station, so i went inside alone, lights inside the station would get alot brighter. i tried to not look at the cashier in the eyes since my pupils were still so huge.

Overall positive trip, best of the trips i've ever had <3

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