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Amsterdam trip

Where to begin?

Where to begin?........Anyway I went with a couple of friends to Amsterdam by train to go to a club having some fun. We hadn't the intention of using shrooms but we ended up using them. By walking trough the RLD we saw a "smartshop" and bought 2 bags of shrooms. I did't know anything about shrooms, thought it was like smoking a blunt. I ate the whole bag, later somebody told me I should't have done that, the other guys ate also a few but not a whole bag.
We went to get some money "out of the wall" and go to Kentucky Fried Chicken. I went to the toilet in KFC and by then the first sympthones began. I looked to the floor and saw the motives in the tiles, who where black, moving. Then the sound changed, voices and the water sounded strange. Getting out of the toilet I started talking to somebody who also was in the toilet, I asked him what to do to get out of a trip. By the time I didn't understand why he didn't answer me, i suppose i talked very strange to him. Also i remember that at that time my perceiving of time where fucked up. I saw the men who I asked moving in frames.
At that time i was getting a little scared and went back with my friends to go home. Walking through the "damrak" to the central station i heard very strange noices. I could here everybody talking, but very vague (in some song of the Queens of the stone age- lullabies to paralyze) u can here that sound) Sometimes i could a line spoken very cleare and it repeated in my head.
Down in the central station we headed back home, perception of time did change I saw everything happen in frames. I bought some candy at a little shop at the station, I could''t chew well. Then something really strange happended to me, that day i wore my hair tight togheter for the first time. Then everywhere i looked a saw those elastics on the ground and later friends told me I started talking to the ground which i can't remember.
Now it went rough, sitting in the train i was glad i made it into the train, but i felt like i was getting pulled to the ground all the time, later i would pass out....not yet. Before i passed out i heared screaming noices in my head, really loud for 5 seconds: at that time i get really scared and i knew i was fucked up for real. Then i couldn't sit up straight no more, causing by the feeling I was getting pulled to the ground. I fainted, by the time we arrived at our station to get out i already was clear..........it was really hard to get out i remember i made zombies noices to get out.........luckily there was a bench on the station i lied down for a while.
Then suddendly i felt the air filling my lungs, it was quite cold at the time outside, i felt really alive and we walked home.

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