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Halloween Tripping

My First Shroom Experience

So this was my first Mushroom experience and I don%u2019t know exactly how much I ate but between 3.5g and 5g. I was 15 at the time, I was visiting friends from my hometown it was my friend, his friend, his girlfriend, and her friend and me. So we all ate the mushrooms then started on our walk to a Halloween party that was a good 45 min walk away. As we neared our destination colors began to become more vibrant and important. But once I was in, it hit hard walls were twisting not much morphing or hallucinating yet so just going around feeling dizzy but really good and calm and the music was just the background music of a movie how it%u2019s such an important part of the experience. But then misfortune hit and my friends and I were kicked out of the party. So right around the corner was playground which we all walked around or at least 2 of us would do circle around it while 2 other sat in the middle at the very top of the playground and 1 of us would be sitting just off to the side with his eyes closed taking in the 3d shapes running through our head but the weirdest part was we were all going through emotional changes we%u2019d be happy, sad, and content and depending on how we felt at that moment would decide where on the playground we were. If you were off to the side then you were content and taking in the beauty and if you were in the very middle you were sad and if you were walking around the playground you had an incredible euphoria and very happy. But we%u2019d all keep switching positions and this went on for I%u2019m guessing 2 hours. Then we took a walk altogether except for 1 person who was extremely upset be we all had an deep understanding without talking that we just had to give them time to think and become happy again, while on our walk we were all singing Bitch Betta Have My Money but we were just so ecstatic and happy while doing so. When we got back to the park the other person was happy again and ready to keep going and by then we forgot we were kicked out of the party we just thought we had left so we all go and stand in the front yard of the party and watch cars go by but since its hilarious cause all the cars would be going at like 5mph staring at use wondering what we were doing and our eyes just slowly followed them. But it was getting cold so we hopped the fence and went back into the party and at this point I lost track of all my friends and just sat down to examine and observe. It was so interesting because I felt so at peace and I would look around and think about how everyone moved so quickly in life and never slowed down and I just wondered why this was but then people would start coming up to me and getting into extremely deep conversations with me about the meaning of life and I just felt like and oracle with great knowledge and the answers I was giving people were pretty incredible even though I don%u2019t remember them I just remember them feeling profound. When the party was over I went home with one of my other friends for the night ( he had not taken shrooms ) so when we got to his house it was about 2 am and he went straight to bed but I just laid up all night thinking about the incredible experience I had had and I was telling my friend about it too but he was asleep which I kept forgetting. Now it was an incredible experience but for my first time it was not the smartest to take as much as I did and go to a party with a whole bunch of people I didn%u2019t know but at the same time I know I would have regretted it if I hadn%u2019t because even though parts were scary cause temporarily I had no idea where I was going to sleep which will make you worry when on mushrooms but I feel I handled it really well because I refused to let myself feel sad for long I just kept telling myself that I%u2019m in control of this trip and I%u2019m going to be happy.


One of the best things though was as were leaving the party the first time since it was Halloween they had a talking Freddy Krueger which scared the shit out of me at first and I could feel his words give me a shiver up my spine but at the same time it was really funny.

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