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25-i nbome passed off as acid trip

Be careful with "acid"

So this trip happened a year ago so i will try to remember as much as i can. Also this trip was the most clear to see in  for me compared to shrooms, the only other psychedelic drug ive tried, but the shroom trips were a bit more intense. Enough explaining here is how my first trip went down.

12:00: Its sunday, im sitting in church next to A B J M and S. we were going to go watch the anchorman 2 in the theaters after church. I decided to take them at 11:45 so i didnt have to wait an hour after church for it to kick in, i took two tabs because last time one didnt work for me. Right after i got out of church, it kicked in. We all got into the car and went to the mall to watch the movie. Once we got there, a,b,l, and s decided to ditch m to smoke a bowl because she was anti drug at the time ( now she takes a dab every morning :P) i thought this was mean but whatever.now the floor started moving, and i became disoriented, on the top floor of the parking garage, they made an apple pipe and smoked a bowl, i refused to because i already took "acid". After that we found m and went inside the theater, colors were so bright and wierd looking, kind of like a black and white movie which has the same color of modern films, like from saints row IV when hes in an old tv show. When we got inside it started echoing, i dont knowif that  was real or in my head but whatever. Through the whole trip i never thought of anything emotional, but i was getting confused. So throughout  the movie i saw different patterns on the screen become one kaleidoscope. The movie was paused because someone didnt feel good and will ferells face melted to an unrecognizable pattern. Through the whole movie when i was sitting in the chair it felt like i was on a rocking boat. I went and got popcorn with m. She looked kinda mad. I went to the bathroom and when i looked in the mirror, my face had a green tint to it, not like full on green but more like putting on too much hand sanitizer everyday green. After the movie we went to eat at dick's drive in. I kept hiding my chin in my coat and always had my pockets in my hands for some reason, even when it wasnt cold. When we listened to music i can feel the subwoofer vibrations throughout my whole body. When i looked at my phone all of the letters were individually swaying side to side and becoming bigger. I had this happen to me on shrooms but it was whole sentences moving around. At 6:00 o clock we were back in church for youth . me and b were the only ones listening to preachers, the rest were chilling in an empty sunday school classroom. the trip was wearing off and all i could see now was the floor moving slightly. Nbome vs shrooms? I like nbome for the clear visuals and no blurr and disorientation which i got with mushies. But i like shrooms for the mindfuck and the deep emotional thoughts i get with it. But you gotta be careful with nbome, people only discovered it 11 years ago and it was only used as a drug in 2008 so not alot is known about it, but alot of people pass it off as lsd, so be carefuul 

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