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Amsterdam Sex Show

About 2 months ago my girlfriend and i travelled to europe and of course to amsterdam.

About 2 months ago my girlfriend and i travelled to europe and of course to amsterdam. while we were there we wanted to see one of these famous sex shows.
we thought the experience would be much better if we on something. we had heard from others that a brand of mushrooms called "mexican mushrooms" gave a great giddy effect, where everything became funny.
so we bought some from a smart shop to try them out. we each bought 3 grams for about $20 canadian. we ate 2 grams each, straight, and headed out to the show. the room was dark amd small with a handful of other tourists. lining the ceiling and walls were rows of lights all twinkling in a variety of colours and patterns. as well as black lights which illuminated the stage. very cool.
as soon as we sat down i began to feel the mushrooms flowing through me. that warm, tingly feeling after only about 1/2 hour. even before the show started the lights were enough to look at as they morphed together in swirls of colour and brightness.
the gigles also started. my girlfriend and i started to get nervous about what we were doing and we started telling each other perverted jokes and making fun of others around us. it was soo much fun.
when the show started the shrooms were going strong and the crazy lights, loud deep music, body buzz, sex images on stage and the good time we were having created a fantastic trip!!
my girlfriend did experience a bit of paranoia when the man on stage started pointing at her, licking his lips while he was having sex with the woman on stage. that kind of freaked her out. i thought it was hillarious but i comforted her back to her good trip.
overall a fantastic way to shroom. good laughs, feelings and company. highly reccomend it.

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