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waking up in the middle of the night feeling spaced out

trouble with consciousness waking up from sleep

hey guys i have a question over something that has been worrying me. I took shrooms 3 days ago and the past two nights of me sleeping, I have been waking up in the middle of the night feeling like sort of spaced out or out of the zone. Its those feelings you get when your in really deep sleep and you wake up randomly and you forget what day it is or time of year or what your going to be doing the next day, kind of like waking up in a coma or something. Its like losing your memory in a way. And my body also feels weird like if its all asleep/awake. It kind of also feels like as if your high of weed. Anyways I have had this happen to me for the past two nights and its had me worried. My heart feels kind of scared when i wake up but it calms down a bit afterwards than i fall back asleep. I had a bad shroom trip this last time where it was my 3rd time doing it, the last two times this has never happened. Im wondering if this is a normal symptom, and if it will go away eventually. Your answers will help a lot if you guys can. thanks a lot. 

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