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7g LemonTek

Harm Reduction


I want to start this off with a small preface about recent events and my history with psychedelics. Over the last few months I have been using both shrooms and LSD therapeutically and recreationally. I started off with a 1.75g lemon-tek a few months ago and since then have been tripping 2-3 times a week. I went from 1.75g to 2g, then to 2.5g, and so on and so forth until three weeks ago when I did a 5.5g lemon-tek. First of all the visuals and headspace at 5.5g are mindblowing and overwhelming, but it is important to state that up to and including this 5.5g lemon-tek I had not once had a bad trip in over 30 trips.

I now want to give you a brief history since New Years Eve, and the events leading up to my 7g lemon-tek:

12/31/14: Ingested a 3g lemon-tek and proceeded to take 120mg of pure tested MDMA at the peak (90-120 minute mark) Had a great experience with great friends.

1/5/15: First experience with 25c-nbome (1000ug.) Decent trip, decent visuals, nothing important to report.

1/10/15: 3.5g lemon-tek. Had to babysit 4 people tripping for their very first time. Overall good experience, but I would not take 3.5g and try to tripsit that many people ever again.

1/12/15: 110mg MDMA (same pure tested MDMA.) 160mg redose at the 2 hour mark because I was not rolling "hard enough." After about 6-7 hours when I finally came down I went in bed to lay down and had SEVERE hallucinations. I want to start off by saying I am positive this is pure MDMA. I also want to say I have had minor hallucinations before on MDMA. The hallucinations lasted approximately 1 and a half to 2 hours. I saw black mist that turned into spider descending from my ceiling (100s of fucking spiders.) I saw my huge closet mirror "walk" off the hinges and waddle back and forth as if it were a penguin. I saw tons of bugs on my blinds. I also had my shoes on the ground next to my bed with my pants I had just taken off laying over them. This looked as if someone was laying under my bed with their legs and feet hanging out. This experience was slightly unhinging, but at the time I knew they were only hallucinations from the MDMA and I also knew I would be fine the next day, as I was.

1/13/15: 4g lemon-tek. Talked on skype for most of the trip, tolerance was quite high at this point and I didn't trip nearly as hard as I would have liked too. Mediocre trip, mediocre visuals, nothing important to report.

1/16/15: 720ug LSD (4 180ug blotters.) Crazy trip. Fractals, fractals, and more fractals. Didn't have a bad experience during the entire trip except for the end when I was tired and over stimulated. Took melatonin  and somehow fell asleep at the 9 hour mark. My highest dose of LSD prior to this was 450ug and it did not compare to this trip at all. Great experience and this experience is what pushed me to do the 7g lemon tek the next day.


This is where our story starts, on 1/17/2015 at approximately 8:30 PM.

8:30 PM: I take out the shrooms and weigh them, approximately 6.92g to be exact. These shrooms are cubensis amazonia, and are professionally grown on rye bread (VERY high quality.) After I weighed out the shrooms I cleaned out my coffee grinder, put the shrooms in the coffee grinder, and ground them down to a dust more or less. I continued by pouring the shroom "dust" into a cup.

9:00 PM: At this point I cover the shrooms in lemon juice (some 100% lemon juice concentrate from Walgreens.) Yes this concentrate works just as well as actual lemons and I have been using it for a month at this point. After I pour the lemon juice over the shroom powder, I realize I only have two cigs left. I head off to a gas station around the corner and buy a pack of cigs and arrive home approximately 20 minutes later.

9:25 PM: By this time I had arrived home, made a glass of water to chase the awful tasting lemon-tek and sat down in front of my laptop. Over the last week I had found a tinychat and had made some great friends on there, during this trip and a couple of my previous trips I have been on tinychat with these people. Anyways I start to down the lemon-tek, and didn't realize how awful it would be with 7g. I normally down the lemon-tek in one gulp, but this time it took me three gulps to finish, and at this point I was already feeling pukish from the awful texture and taste.

9:37 PM: 7 minutes after I had ingested all of the juice I walked outside to smoke a cigarette. I could already feel the body load, and the room was already becoming a darkish shade of red (this is normally my first sign of visuals.)

~9:42 PM: (I smoke Marlboro Red 100s and it takes me a while to finish them.) I walk back inside and park myself on the couch in front of my laptop and my Tinychat friend. I had not planned this out very well and did not have music, a glass of water, or my speakers set up. By this point I am tripping pretty hard and start to become rather anxious while I set everything up.

~9:50 PM: I have now set everything up and it has been 20 minutes since I ingested all three gulps of the tek. I am tripping HARD at this point. My headspace is already quite funky, my eyes are fully dilated, and my visuals are quite incredible. I decided to turn on shpongle as I wanted a unique entrance into my trip, and shpongle can dictate the visuals so much. I put on %u201CBrain in a Fish Tank,%u201D and this is when my visuals became truly incredible. It looked as if my living room had turned into some sort of amazonian climate. I saw hues of dark green, grey, and brown, very earthy colors. My ceiling had turned to rain clouds and my walls encompassed the colors and shapes of vines and trees. I was very at peace with the environment at this point, but about half way through this song I became EXTREMELY tired. So tired that I could not keep my eyes open. I decided to lay down on my couch at this point and close my eyes for a minute. I thought that maybe if I relaxed my eyes and mind a bit I could enjoy the CEVs and become rejuvenated. The CEVs were incredible. It was almost as if I had not closed my eyes at all. I still saw the same environment with my eyes closed, and at this point the mixture of being tired and the extreme disorientation with having the same visuals with my eyes open and closed became overwhelming.

~10:10 PM: At this point %u201CHow the Jellyfish Jumped up the Mountain%u201D had been on for approximately 7-8 minutes. I was too disoriented to change the song at this point or I would have, because this song is extremely trippy. I decided to get up and go outside to smoke a cigarette as cigarettes usually wake me up. I brought my laptop outside to my porch and realized that I no longer had internet connection (my internet has been shitting bricks for the last few days.) With my extreme disorientation and lack of internet, I became a bit worried because this meant I could not listen to music or talk to my friends on Tinychat. While I was on the porch smoking my cig, I dropped my mouse on the ground and the battery and back of the mouse broke off and fell three stories down to the ground. This was a problem, because the trackpad on my laptop is awful and there was no way I was leaving my apartment to retrieve the rest of the mouse at this point.

~10:20 PM: I went back inside, and realized that my internet was working again. I changed from Shpongle to Kid Cudi which seemed to help a bit. My visuals changed drastically when I put Kid Cudi on and I had a hyperspace vibe as I believe the first song that came on was %u201CDay %u2018N%u2019 Nite.%u201D My living room appeared much darker at this point and although it was dark I became very stimulated. My room was different hues of black and grey and I saw bright lights streaking across my walls and ceilings. By this point I was only 40 to 45 minutes into the trip and my visuals were astounding although I was not even peaked yet. For the next 20 to 30 minutes my visuals increased to peaks I did not think were possible. My walls were shining with bright lights that looked as if they were stars, my Alice in Wonderland poster was morphing at astonishing rates, with the Mad Hatter coming to life and the poker cards floating off of the picture and onto the adjacent wall. The cards begin to combust into pure color and it seemed as if this color turned into paint that was melting and dripping down my walls. I became lost in the visuals and this is when everything turned for the worst.

~11:00 PM: The visuals were blinding. My vision had become erratic and I could no longer perceive the reality of the room I was sitting in. The walls were no longer walls but structures that morphed and came to life. I was no longer in a room per say but in an ever changing environment of inanimate matter that seemed as if it was no longer inanimate.

~11:20 PM: I knew I was in trouble at this point. I went into my roommates room and woke him up. He was dead asleep as he had work the next morning, although he told me if I needed anything I could wake him up, and for this I am grateful. When I woke him up I told him what was going on. We both decided I should try to puke to relieve some of my nausea and my body load. I continued into my room to attempt this feat but no matter how much water I drank and how hard I tried, it was not going to happen. This turned out to be a mistake because attempting to make myself puke and drinking a lot of water to do this only made the nausea and body load worse. I went back into his room to tell him I couldn%u2019t relieve myself and we talked for about 30 minutes.

~12:00 AM: After we had talked for 30 minutes I felt much more stable minded and decided it was time to attempt to lay down. I went into my room and attempted to sleep, although I knew this was not possible as it was only roughly 2 and a half hours into the trip at this point and I was completely peaked. Once again the visuals were extremely blinding and the CEVs were just as bad. I went through a cycle of closing my eyes for ten minutes and then opening them again as the CEVs were too much to handle. I would then open my eyes for 10 or so minutes and try to calm down. None of this was helping and as I layed there I spun into the deepest parts of my mind. I thought about death and I thought I was dying, I thought about calling the hospital, I thought about everything negative in life that had ever happened to me, and to some extent I could visualize and repeat these experiences. This was the deepest and darkest point of my life to this date.

~1:30 AM: I decided I could no longer handle this and realized the only way to stop this was to be proactive. I went to my kitchen and made myself a glass of water, because by this point I had not had anything to drink for the past hour and a half and the dehydration was sure not helping. I grabbed my phone while I was in the living room and realized my internet was once again working so I put on some tycho. I went back into my room and grabbed some melatonin, thinking that it had now been 4 hours since ingestion and I would soon be done tripping as I usually start coming down around the 3-4 hour mark with lemon-teks. I laid in bed listening to tycho, the one artist that always calms me down. It did not calm me down, it actually made things worse. I once again laid in my bed, drowned by thoughts of pain, anguish, and the purest sense of the word death.

~2:00 AM: It was now 4 and a half hours since I had ingested the lemon-tek and at this point I became truly worried. I turned off the music as any sort of music at this point was just too stimulating. My visuals were still blinding and I started to experience extreme symptoms. My left eye would not stay open, my hands were twitching severely and it felt as if electricity was being shot to the ends of my fingertips, my neck was grinding whenever I turned it left or right, and I was hearing loud popping noises in my ears, it was if I was hearing the neurons in my brain firing. At one point when I was in the bathroom between 2:00 AM and 2:30 AM I also heard a loud thump from my heart and I felt a dull pain rocket through my body.

This is when I thought I had truly died. I was sitting on my toilet when this thump occurred and was staring at my half open bathroom door. Everything turned very dark and I thought I had entered purgatory. Up until this point in my life I did not believe in heaven or hell and I definitely did not believe in purgatory. My thoughts began racing and I truly believed that this is what purgatory was. A never ending trip that gradually became worse and worse. My visuals were insane at this point, so insane that I thought I was going blind. I went back into the living room, stumbling because I had almost forgotten how to walk, and grabbed my laptop. I brought my laptop into my room and immediately got onto Tinychat, because I realized if I could talk to my friends that had experience with this they would be able to calm me down.

~2:30 AM: They did calm me down. I can%u2019t describe how grateful I am to have met these people. I think if it wasn%u2019t for them I would certainly be in the hospital or worse right now. I talked to them for the next 30 minutes describing my symptoms and having them tell me I would be fine and all of the symptoms were only related to the mushrooms. After talking to them for 30 minutes or so I decided to try to sleep again.

~3:00 AM: Everything gets worse before it gets better. I was still tripping balls 5 and a half hours after ingestion, I still couldn%u2019t sleep, and my mind started racing again. It got worse and worse. I knew the only option was to get back on Tinychat and talk it out. After about another hour my visuals finally began to go away. I finally fell asleep at around 4:30 AM.

I 100% don%u2019t reccomend for anyone to lemon tek 7g. I believe that I am very stable and level headed, and this dose threw me off my hinges to say the least. If you are debating on tekking a heroic dose, please for the sake of your sanity, reconsider.

Thank you for taking the time to read this report. Respect the drug and the drug will respect you.

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