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First trip

Felt like G*d and i was insane

This was my first time ever doing shrooms. My friend and i bought a 1/4 and we split it to the best of our abilities we were gonna go to a party so we decided to get some food to help wash it down. I decided to get a monster and some bread to make a shroom sandwich with boy let me tell you how nasty it was. I'm not a big fan of any mushrooms but i washed it down with my monster and continued to eat it so we got to the party and we were just chilling for awhile and waited for the trip to come. (I've done acid before multiple times before doing the shrooms). So were just hanging out and then it slowly started to happen with 30 mins of us eating them. I started to notice colors were much more vibrant and beautiful. I just wanted to sit down i didn't really feel like doing anything after the trip started coming so as i was sitting someone gave me a shovel and i was very excited about this i held on it for a good hour telling everyone how i had a shovel and then i was staring at the fire and the fire looked like it was melting inside of its self and it was one of the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Then i looked at the house and it looked like it was 10x bigger and like it was a kaleidoscope. I glanced at the night sky and saw like 30 planes go across the sky and i was like wow look at all the lights and my best friend who was there making sure i didn't do anything stupid was like what are you talking about. So as i was sitting there enjoying myself a girl spilt a drink on me and was like I'm so sorry and told her i was on shrooms and i was still holding the shovel so she got scared and thought i was going to hurt her for spilling the drink on me and people had to tell her nothing was going to happen and i just sat back down and the fire was getting really hot and i started to feel funny like i was floating. Then this is where everything started to go south i felt really tired so i kept putting my head in my lap and then my 2 friends behind me asked where my other friend went and apparently he decided to go home while tripping and drove away. so my friends were discussing how he could possibly die so this started to worry me. I started to feel nauseous and i felt like i was going to puke this is only an hour and a half into the trip and people started saying how i should go home and i told my best friend to call my sister to come pick us up so he takes my phone and calls her and i kept telling him i wanted to go home. while he called her i started to hear things i kept on hearing like evil laughter and then police sirens and i thought i kept on seeing lights. So i was afraid i was going to get caught and go to jail. So i started having this dream like thing that i was getting arrested and i was about to go to jail and then my friend started talking to me and i snapped out of it still hearing the sirens and handcuffs. I was absolutely terrified and then my sister finally got there so we dropped off my 2 friends and my best friend was still with us and i started to feel like i was really tripping anymore like everything was calming down so he asked if i wanted to come back home and stay the night and i told it doesn't matter to me. so he decided to go home also thinking that i was doing better so we dropped him off and went home where i talked to my sister for like 30 mins about the trip and what i was going through. so went inside and i got ready for bed thinking i could just fall asleep so i turned off my lights and turned my TV on and laid in my bed and got ready to go sleep as i stared at my Derek Jeter poster i then watched as he started to turn inside out and it just started to blow my mind and then my head started to race i started having intense visions i thought i was everywhere and anywhere. I looked at my TV and watched the same episode of cat dog play for what seemed like 4 hrs and i looked away and started to watch things warp in my room i got up and i felt disoriented i went to my laundry room which is connected to my room and i turned on the light and i was standing there i looked at the ground and the tiles started moving from underneath my feet and my toes started to curl into themselves. At this point i got very sick and began to vomit intensely all over the floor and i began to think to myself this is going to last forever I'm stuck in a void i will never escape as kept puking and i looked down at the vomit i began to imagine myself in a mental ward i walked out of the room and back into my room and i was seeing myself in the third person being strapped into a straight jacket. I then jumped into another reality thinking i was floating through space and that everything that happens in the world is all within my mind and i can control it all. when i started to think like this i would just feel like i was different people that I've met through my life and play life as if i was them and this was happening for a good 30 mins and then went up my stairs and was grabbing onto things seeing if they were real or if they were just a figment of my imagination but everything i touched didn't seem to be real everything felt as if was jelly and i couldn't explain why at this time i heard something coming from my room so i went to go investigate it and it was my sister cleaning the puke and i went up to her telling her i feel like I'm going insane and she told me to go to sleep that i was just high so i proceeded to go back to my bed and grabbed m blanket and started biting at it with my teeth and then i would grab my face and pull on it. then i went into another reality of me starting to believe I'm G*d that this is what he has to deal with being omnipotent and omniscient. As things kept jumping around to all the realities i was experiencing before and it kept happening i couldn't stop my head kept racing as my sister came up to me with water and told me to drink some and after i did it didn't change much of how i felt i still felt nauseous and like i nothing was really happening that everything is fake as if i was the only thing that existed and everything that happened was as if it was a computer simulation that i can delete and start over. my sister left the room and i turned around and looked at my solar system poster and i started to jump to each planet experience the conditions of that planet like Neptune being in freezing temperatures that are unbearable i went to Jupiter with extreme winds and Venus with completely toxic and heavy gases. I then watched as a rip in space occurred sucking everything into it destroying anything that seemed like it did exist and be destroyed i looked over at my cable box and noticed time came to a stand still it was about 4 am at this time and i started to think this is just the drug i took and as this was happening i was still having thoughts that seemed to contradict themselves. But i started to come down from the trip but still tripping enough to not be thinking right. I started screaming to myself i want to become a doctor as that's the career path in which i want to progress. so after me thinking of how i could improve my life i jumped to school in my English class as if everything that happened was just me daydreaming until my teacher came over to me telling me how i was a fuck up and im ruining my life from not working to my ability and doing my work that I'm wasting my talents and then i jumped back to reality and just stared at my TV and was thinking its finally over but i was still barely tripping so i got up and went to my bathroom and sat on the toilet and just stared at the ground as i saw small visuals i then got up after sitting there for like 10-15 mins. i got up and looked in the mirror as my face seemed like it was swirling. i then started to go back to my room and i saw the door to the outside and thought to myself i can go anywhere i ever wanted right now and i had a quick trip to a few towns near me and i was like that would be a horrible idea and went back to my bed and decided to watch TV until i fell asleep. I sat in my bed for the next 4 hrs wide awake as i couldn't force myself to sleep and then i finally crashed.

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