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my experience summary

my use of drugs includes early childhood prescribed ampetamines (concerta) that caused high blood pressure, insomnia, annorexia (until prescribed other medicines) and stimulation. by the age of 13 i was prescribed the highest dose for concerta that there is. i've also suffered horrible and traumatizing withdraw. 

my use of cannabis trying it at the age of twelve and using daily until the age of 16 to 18 with every so often abstaining. i've also used up to 14 grams of resin in a months sitting and might have damaged my lungs and vocal cords slightly. although i'm not sure. i can still sing descently though. and i think that i have had some damage to my lungs through smoking over long periods of time.

wormwood; when i first tried wormwood (snorted) i got an uncontrollable erection for 10 minutes and vision sharpened slightly and i can't quite describe the effects well. i may try brewing a tea or smoking it later in life. limited use.

i'm bipolar, adhd, and i have aspergers. i used lsa primarily at home or in a setting in nature with family. tripping with your family can be very posative if the family members are supportive. i primarily use for spiritual purpose with occasional recreational use. i should say rather i use primarily for therapy; to bridge the gap between avoidant personality disorder and my ego through loosing touch with time, the sense of self, and slight cognition. 

LSA is quite wonderful of a sacrament/etheogen/therapy tool. it intices interpersonalization with the self, self help therapy, and deep psychotherapy. i have layed down and closed my eyes and went deeply into a closed eye trance state of self realization and reflection. i experienced timelessness and i experienced tactile sensations in my lungs and around my face as if there were fuzz growing on my face/my face tickled slightly. i also have experienced great empathy, entactogenesis, sedation, creativity, and sensativity to stimulus. 

in nature there seems to be a certain kind of "empathy" when i use; a sort of connection to nature. it's beautiful. i've touched the gigantic earth and felt it's massiveness and i've done many things and experienced incredibly beautiful moments in nature. especially during sunset or sunrise. both cast light of beautiful shades. winter tripping can be depressing somewhat. summer and spring tripping are posative.

i've wanted to trip while riding a rollercoaster for some time; simply to experience what it's like.

my next drug of choice may have to be shrooms. which brings me to this website. i plan upon using shrooms for personal reasons. i'm not some drug dealer or "trafficker" but i do want to grow a stash over time. i plan upon using shrooms with respect in family settings with sober trip sitters.

also the use of a trip sitter helps the lsa experience substantially! have the trip sitter do things like clean up vomit if neccesary and provide services such as opening doors, keeping you safe/an eye on you, writting down behavior and thoughts every so often, etc. also i like to keep a camera and take pictures. i like to use pictures and occasional thoughts to describe the experience.  also eating while tripping on lsa is interesting depending on the food. pudding cups are wonderful to eat with your finger!!!

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