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Amsterdam on my mind

In November of 1998, I travelled to Amsterdam for the 11th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup.

In November of 1998, I travelled to Amsterdam for the 11th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup. I was a member of the staff, so during the week-long event I stayed away from the reality-impairing shrooms.

The last day of the event, I bought an eighth of Psilocybe cubensis mushies from local shroom shop. They had several strains, including some beautiful Copelandia, but I chose the the PC's because I had experience with them and was a little nervous about going totally bonkers in this very foreign city.

That evening, I went to out to dinner with some fellow Cannabis Cup staff members and while we were waiting for our food, I snacked on the fungus I had waited all week for. I must say it was very nice to be able to consume them openly in a resturant, something one wouldn't dare try in the US. The dinner was uneventful. Basically just a bunch of idle pothead chit-chat. However, as we started to leave the little Argentinian steakhouse, things started to get a bit wacky.

I stepped out onto the well-lit city side street and immediatly felt a surge of warmth wash over me. It was like the shrooms were waiting for me to finish dinner before they kicked in. How respectful. For those of you who have not been there, Amsterdam is like a cross between Greenwitch Village, Las Vegas and London. The moist cobblestone streets shimmered with reflected colors from the open-late stores, coffeeshops and clubs. Even though this was my first time here, I felt a strange familiarity. Almost like returning to your hometown after being gone for years.

As I walked the narrow streets engulfed by color and sound, I came to the realization that this was not just some spot on a map. This city of true freedom was a nexus for creativity, free spirit and self-discovery. My thoughts continued along these lines as I walked towards a club where High Times was having an afterhours party.

I could feel the techno invade my body as I walked into the club. I said my hellos and without delay, became totally immersed in the music. There was a girl dancing in the middle of the floor by herself. I watched as her body pumped in perfect sync with the hypnotic beats. As I peaked, she became the music and the music became her. It had never happened to me before, but I actually could not distinguish between this beautiful creature and the music which guided her.

I stayed at the club for an hour or so, then decided to head back to my hotel. The cab ride there was pretty uneventful; I was immersed in my thoughts. When I got to my hotel room, I smoked a joint of some White Widow then slid into bed. With my eyes closed, I created fantastically visual mind movies. I found that anything I thought about created a brilliant experience in my head; That's how I drifted off to sleep. If you get the chance, I definatly recommend shrooming in Amsterdam.

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