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5G Golden Teacher Trip Report

With Flirting

Well this one was interesting. Have to get it down before it fades.  Blasted off around noon, myself 5g, The Lovely E 4, and Mr X, a new friend who I just introduced, 3.5.  I had invited Bubbly B and the Magnificent M to come over as well just to hang.  Lovely E was a bit anxious because last time Bubbly B was in the room the energy was weird, but I talked her through it.  After all the personal development I have gone through this year if I can't handle a room full of trippers I want my money back.  So I just asked Bubbly B to be chill since Mr X was new and a bit nervous on the comeup, and everything was fine. 


Came on fast and and at the beginning since Bubbly B was straight she was my anchor and keeping me sane while every time I looked over at the Lovely E I started beaming and seeing yellow stars like fireworks shooting from her head.  Fortunately Mr X was chill with 2 dogs on his lap and did not end up fetal in the comeup like last time.  I closed my eyes for a bit to see where the visuals would go and because of all the Orgasmic Meditation I have been doing I was presented with visions of rolling pink caverns coming at me and decided very quickly that was not where I wanted to be at the time and opened my eyes.


At that point we went outside for a bit to watch the cloudshow and see the trees.  There were birds flying outside and the view was amazing.  We were out about 30 min and then Lovely E and Mr X decided they wanted to go in for a smoke.  We made our way back through the corridors and ran into a neighbor on the way.  I was 1 percent away from totally losing my shit at that point and just barely made it past him without falling down and crumpling in a ball of laughter. 


After the other two smoked the vibe got SUPER chill so I started chatting up Bubbly B.  She is naturally a bubbly, silly sort of girl who spends a lot of time around kids so at some point when I ended up in giggling fit at the foot of the lazy boy she picked up on it and responded. I had recently taken a class on Orgasmic Flirtation, and took the opportunity to put it into practice.  


I looked at Bubbly B's expertly done augmented eyelashes and commented on how beautiful they were and how expertly she was playing them.  Which she was.  It got sillier and sillier and at one point we ended up with one hand fingertip to fingertip just feeling back and forth to the beat of the music for about 30 minutes, giggling and flirting.  I asked her if she wanted to keep playing and she said yes, but I asked her to make a deal that I would not take advantage of her and she would not take advantage of me, cause you know how open the mind is to being fucked with at that point.  Not that I would do that or she would either. 


I told her after the fingertip episode that it was too late, I had already transferred the mushroom consciousness into her through the skin contact and it was rubbing off.  I could see she was having almost as much fun as I was.  I then explained how in the beginning it was so appealing to listen to music and watch the visuals but after 10 times it gets repetitive and the real appeal is in human interaction, because it is always different and always new.  Lots more silliness ensued before it started to wear down a bit. 


At this point the Magnificent M showed up for a bit.  I was still about 20 percent and now chatting with Mr X about his experience which was very positive, and Magnificent M was furiously writing in her journal, which ultimately ends up as blog posts.  We chatted a bit about the blog process, had a glass of tea, then I invited her to the back room for an Orgasmic Meditation.  What can I say, it was very intense, a little weird, but overall a great experience.  Curious what it might be like at the peak.  Not sure I could handle it.  I then walked her down with the dogs while the others got together a dinner list.  As I hugged her goodbye I admitted that I have a wicked crush on her.  Oh well, as you know you can't hide anything from the mushroom.


Then Bubbly B and I went to pick up Thai food which was just awesome at that point.  Given the munchies situation we ordered too much and ate it all. I felt a little naughty and chatted up Bubbly B about how going outside tripping was kind of like playing with an orgasm where you bring it up, then take it down again.  Because outside you run into strangers and risk talking to them but you don't dare take it too far or you risk going over the edge and ending up and laughing fit, curled up fetal in the flower bed.


After we ate everybody was chill and I mentioned the "terrible massage" comment my wife had made and asked the Lovely E for her professional opinion if I gave her a foot massage, which I did.  She said I could do that anytime. Bubbly B then wanted a bit of that so I moved over to the Lazy boy and started on her feet.  The topic went to Orgasmic Meditation and I started explaining to Bubbly B about the practice and how it is done.  Now she is about as likely to OM with me as a man friend is, so I took the space between her toes and started going through the whole process of how to place the hands, how to bring up the finger, stroke up and down, little circles, big circles, long strokes, bringing the energy up and down, up and down till they climax and you move to pressure and down strokes to bring them down again. I've gone through a lot of personal growth in the last year and in no way would I have been bold enough to pull this off a year ago.  She commented on how she likes a massage, and believe it or not as shy and reserved as she is, I booked a massage date for two nights out including an agreement strictly between friends to play with her large and rather impressive pair. 

This trip was a top 10 day in my life of 47 years to date.

 And that's the story of my slightly naughty trip.

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