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Fellow shroomers, please read!

Need to know if this has happened to anyone else

While tripping alone in my room in the dark on around 1.5-2 Gs of shrooms, i became bored with listening to music and took off my headphones. i proceeded to lay in the dark just exploring my thoughts. I laid there for quite a while doing this. This was already later into the trip, so i was bound to start coming down soon. Im sure we all know the feeling when we stop tripping and our normal state of mind and thought process returns. The start of the comedown basically, where youre still connected to the shroom world but the trip is essentially over. As i was laying in my silent and dark room, i basically 'heard' my trip stop and go into comedown mode. Very strange to explain. As i was laying in my bed, i felt a wave of energy come over me. As this happened, it got more and more intense over the span of about 10 seconds. At the peak of this wave, i heard a sound very similar to a 'house noise' you hear at night. You know, the random, unexplainable noises you hear in your house at night, just weird knocks and rattles. It sounded just like any other house noise, but after i heard it, the wave of energy dissapeared immediately and i realized that my mind had gone back to its normal state. Instantaneously realization of coming back from the trip world to the real world. after this happened, i realized that it couldnt have been a house noise as i didnt hear it come from any specific direction, it was almost as if i had headphones on and heard it in my head. It was equally the same volume in each ear and did not come from a direction, it just happened. as if the sound manifsted inside my head and ears. I kinda brushed it off as nothing, but while tripping with a friend, it was late into the trip once again so we decided to turn everything off and lay down and wait for sleep to come. as i was laying there with my eyes closed, i heard a similar house noise in his house. the same thing happened, a strong wave of energy overtaking me, slowly getting more intense, and at the peak of the engery, the noise happened, the energy left my body, and i realized i was done tripping right at that moment. I have only noticed this while laying down though, as when im with other friends in a more active tripping environment we are doing things so my mind isnt focused on laying down and relaxing and i simply just dont notice it. please tell me someone else has had this happen to them!

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