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Candyflipping at a psytrance rave

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OK so this is the first trip report i've done so bear with me. On 1st January 2015 I Candyflipped at a psytrance rave in London. I've previously had around 15 mushroom trips, 3 LSD trips and had MDMA about 5 times. This was my first ever canyflip though. I got to the party at 2am and had 2 tabs of LSD that i'd estimate to be between 100 and 120 micrograms each (I had tested the tabs a week earlier) I got into the rave which was in a warehouse, there was a large main room decorated with psychedelic eye candy on the walls and ceiling, and 2 smaller rooms playing chilled out/ambient music and selling tea/coffee and even mushroom/truffle cakes. 

i felt the acid come on at about T+00.45 and i was in one of the chill out rooms talking to people i had come with (both of whom were only taking MDMA). I started feeling the vibrations in the room and the music seemed to have a physical 'flow' to it that pulsated through my body and moved to it feeling the acid getting stronger. 

At around T+01.30 I had the urge to go and dance, psytrance music is very good at putting you in a trance, especially on LSD and there comes a point where you are no longer dancing to the music, instead it is just vibrating through your body and you become one with the music and everything around you. I was really enjoying the music and the visual effects were incredible too, I took 120mg of MDMA at T+02.30 and so 45 minutes later when i could really feel it come on i entered a state of euphoria that felt better than my first MDMA experience. 

The acid and MDMA worked well together for me. I've read on various forums people say that one overpowered the other but that didn't happen for me, for a while it was like an extremely trippy roll, and the roll was coming in waves too. I took an extra 80mg of MDMA about 2 hours after the first dose, I think i peaked on both substances for about 6 hours.

So a little after my second dose of MDMA I decided to buy a balloon of nitrous oxide. there was a 'bar' selling them. I didn't expect in that environment for them to be very good, when I've had them before its not been too special. but oh my days i still can't believe how intense they were. I got myself to the middle of the dance floor and started to inhale the balloon. slowly everything around me went fuzzy and faded out into darkness, for a split second i had a bit of an ego loss and couldn't remember where i was or that i'd had this balloon. then slowly the room came back into focus but it was as if time had slowed down, there were lots of people standing round me dancing and i looked round and felt like i could see every intricate detail of what was going on, and the music had slowed down too. then as the effects wore off, everything slow sped up, including the music, as the music sped up it felt like the MDMA took the hint and kicked in and then i was just in a state of unbelievable euphoria. 

I had a few more balloons over the night they're very moorish, and sometimes i would see sacred geometry pattern in the centre of my vision specifically the sri yantra and the pattern you get in some aloe veras (not sure what its called)

so from about 3am till 10am i was loving the party, really enjoying the trip, and then i felt i was coming down a bit so i smoked a joint. the joint really intensified the acid and i started to feel claustrophobic and a bit paranoid. i left the rave because my mind was thinking too much and ended up at 10.30 am walking through london tripping my balls off. I hadn't really planned for this and didn't know where i was or where i could go to chill out. every person or car that went past me put more paranoid thoughts in my head and the visuals now i was outside in daylight were incredible. the pavement i was walking along looked animated and bursts of rainbow coloured light traveled along the cracks in the pavement. 

After about 20 minutes of waling through london aimlessly i found myself at the entrance of a park, i've never felt so relieved in my life. I spent the next hour or so walking through this park that was so beautiful the visuals from the trees were really breathtaking. although i still had the intense thoughts going on about life and who i am and the usual psychedelic places your mind can go, because i was in such a beautiful place (and maybe the MDMA helped) I felt like I could address the issues with fairly little anxiety. 

After i'd calmed down enough i put some uplifting music on in my headphones and made my way back to catch the train home, which involved some awkward intoxicated asking for directions. I feel like i wasn't really appreciating LSD, up until this trip i thought it wasn't as brutal as mushrooms but it really put me down a peg. overall a really positive amazing experience.

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