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Psilocybe, Methylone, THC

Mind over matter

I show up late due to a dinner elsewhere. 

"Hey, come downstairs for a minute. Good to see you again. You're two hours behind us. Want some shrooms? Methylone? Both?"

"I'll take some Methylone and see how I feel before taking some shrooms."

"Here you go, that's half a gram, possibly point 6. You taking half now half later?"

"Fuck it, I handled point 7 of sass pretty good. Half a gram of this stuff should be okay." I dump the crystals under my tongue and let it sit for five minutes before swallowing. I can't stand holding stuff under my tongue more than a couple minutes. I've done it, but it sucks on top of waiting...

We go upstairs and everyone is zoned out, like something from a movie scene. Everyone just sitting back, loving the spacey EDM coming out of the speakers. Approximately half an hour in, I have a pleasant body high, and half of the party leaves to do their thing for about 30 minutes. While they are gone I eat 2 small mushrooms totaling to about a gram. By time everyone is back, I'm feeling on top of the world and my common anxiety is gone. I am not self-conscious right now. I can be myself and everyone is cool with it. It's better this way. I don't know if the shrooms are hitting me or if the Methylone is just super strong. But I'm hallucinating. LSD onset type visuals. Controllable fractals, carpet is running like grass in the wind. 

From here on out, I will try my best to explain what I remember. 

I feel great, so great that I don't care what happens to me. I'm giving myself to this experience. Come what may. I light up a cigarette, and lean my face into the pillow on the couch like a drunk man, keeping a fraction of my thoughts focused on the burning cigarette. 

"Wake up, don't burn the house down."

"I'm not sleeping."

"Don't lie to me."
In his mind, I was asleep, so I gave up my stance avoiding confrontation :) After the cigarette is finished, I'm fucked. I could barely put it out from tremors. I pick up my pipe and take a couple hits of pot. Shaking instantly begins to calm. This must be what one goes through right before a coma. I close my eyes but they won't stay still. They're rolling back into my head, and my arms tell me they want to shake, so I let them shake. Uhm, this is not normal, but I feel so great I don't care. I ask for one more shroom, about half a gram, but what difference would it make now? I fall into a trance, and images are brought to my eyelids. Monkey wrench, vortex, mushroom, walls breathing, fractals and shifting... Something hits my face. I open my eyes and the bag is laying on my lap. I take one shroom. I can't tell if I'm having a seizure or just shaking. My right arm curls and holds still over my chest. The shaking and pot smoking periodically  trade for the next hour or two? More or less? Everyone is getting worried, probably more than me. Someone tells me to drink milk, and I respond by saying...
"To prove to you that I am fine, I won't drink the milk. I'm quite happy!" 

By sunrise, I'm slowly gaining control of myself, but still out of it. I go outside for a cigarette and don't feel cold which worries me because it's probably 40f right now. I finish my cigarette quickly to go back inside. Everyone left a while ago. I'm laying on the couch and dark blue is peeking through the shadows of the forest. I spend the entire day trying to sleep to no avail. Agitated and sleep deprived. My buddy comes upstairs and says everyone was worried. "We kept waking you up to see if you were okay because you didn't look okay. I've never seen anyone react that way to Molls. We were about to take you to the hospital but you were responding saying you're fine."

"That's why I didn't take the milk. To prove to you I was fine."

"Dude, you were convulsing, your eyes were all over, rolling back into your head but you insisted you were fine."

"I was just enjoying myself, giving myself to the experience. I let myself shake."

After 24 hours, Fear and Loathing comes on so I pop two mushrooms just because. They purposely made this movie as fucked up as possible. True grit! Not the bandwagon. I smoke a wee bit of pot and fall asleep soon after the movie ends.

Two words from the movie reverberate throughout my memory; "Get in." :)

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