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2nd cubensis trip

light effects on 10g fresh

Hey All!

Ill try to be short:

I was with 4 good friends and i had grown 20gr fresh for each... Most of them never did mushrooms, and i had done only once before, so i decided it would be prudent to eat 10g first and eat the other 10g after. 

So we started munching away... and started playing a computer game for 4 people while we waited for the effects to come up. Suddenly my hands and fingers started getting very weak, i couldnt even press the buttons... and i decided i didnt want to play anymore. I grabbed my bass and tried to play something... but my arms couldnt do much, cause i didnt have neither the strenght or the will to play more than a note per 2 seconds! My friends joined the drums and guitars, but i felt an uncomfortable feeling for a while, cause i had the need to close my eyes and go with the visuals that i was starting to see, but we were many people around a small space, so i got a bit of a confusion feeling... but i left myself try to play with my eyes closed, and i remember at some point to see, for like 5 minutes, cities of mushrooms, but just glimpses of it, and then i would get out of the visions. With all thid, we didnt take the other 10gr we were supposed to, onde we were feeling the effects going up our legs...

After that, i had around half an hour of an uncomfortable feeling related to the weakness of my legs and body... I didnt like how weak the body became and i just wanted to lie down with some headphones and see some visuals for a while, but were 5 in this little room, so i decided to keep interacting. After that time (1 hour passed), the whole night was just laughing away with some nice humouristic remarks from each of us... It was very funny, but thats all it got. A funny night! Which i am thankful for, of course... even though my goal was for us to get a bit deeper... Obviously 10grams fresh wouldnt do it, but im glad we started shortly and, next time, we will increase the dosage.

I have a few questions that maybe some of you could answer, or leave some input:

- once i didnt trip that deep, would it be ok to try it at home by myself, one week after the last time, with some fresh ones that i picked 2 days ago? Or should i leave soem more space between trips, even if i dont feel the mushroom effects on me anymore? I am curious to explore this drug by myself, to go into the visuals or let myself go with the trip without interaction of other people..

. Is it normal to feel so weak after half an hour to 1 hour? Is it something you just get used to being a feeling you have to get when you do shrooms? Walking for me was a bit confusing, but maybe you just get used to it... Does this correspond to a beggining phase of the drug that is not so nice to bear, so that then you start getting good feelings and letting go from those physical 
annoying feelings?

Thank you for reading
Peace all


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