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Incredible first experience

1/8th for us all

Sorry this is kind of long guys, but I wanted to fit the whole thing in!

So Our journey started off at the bottom of a hiking trail by a lake. There were two girls, my best guy friend, and I. I had rationed roughly an eighth for all of us to eat, however I hadn't intended that we all eat the whole eighth since it was all of our first times shrooming, but we all did it anyway. There was an 8g shroom that I had split up into two bags, that the two girls ate, a 3.8g shroom that Peter ate, and a small 2.5g with 1.1g of the larger mushroom that I had eaten.

We began to make our hike up the hill, only to find we had taken the wrong path, and also forgotten all of our Trippy goodies that we had purchased (kaleidoscopes, flashing balls, etc.) in the car. So we took the short trip back to the car, gathered our goodies, and began our journey back onto the correct trail

Shorty Into our hike, everyone began to point out how vivid colors were, peter questioned whether the moss and plants were always that green. I also pointed out that the frost on the dirt path made the ground look like it was glimmering. I remember the dirt looking exceptionally brown, and the damp, moist air surrounded by the bright green foliage made me feel like a harmless forest creature. 

The trail became a little steeper, making the hike more intense. Pretty soon, we were all huffing and panting, and the shrooms were starting to hit us. There was a nice little midway point that stopped and overlooked the water, and as we approached all of my friends stopped in amazement. We sat down for a minute, and I remember getting that familiar psychedelic feeling in my mind, a digital sort or geometric mindset. As they all sat and overlooked the horribly dry lake, I closed my eyes to began to enjoy the onset of the visuals, which were just random, sort of fractals, but not too heavy. 

Before we sat for too long, I insisted that we go on, and see the peak of the trail which was 10x better than this spot. 

We began to climb along, but at this point the shrooms were really setting in, and the trail had become much more difficult. There was such an intense feeling of trudging through the trail, huffing and puffing, and I began to get an overwhelming feeling. We all get really hot, and took off a ton of layers. Pretty soon we to just stop and sit because it became so difficult. I had thrown all of my things on the ground and told the group I wanted to leave without them, and that I didn't care about my things anymore. They convinced me to grab my things and we continued onwards. 

I remember getting a strong connection to slugs at this point, thinking how cool, and peaceful of creatures they are. As we walked on, I began to see faces in the dirt and mountainside, very abstract faces, but with distinct features such as eyes, nose, and mouths. The dirt was a very pleasing brown color, and the green gave a sense of comfort. 

The group was all very tired, but we were almost there. They wanted to stop and take a brake, but I knew they would Love the top so much more so I insisted they drag on. Within a few minutes we arrived at the landing point, and my friends were stunned by the beauty. There were a lot of flat spots to set our blankets, the beautiful lake on either side, a nice little lookout point in between, and more trial to the right. We all stood there absorbed by the beauty, then I suggested we set our blankets down in the flat spot to the right. 

After setting up, we all had this unified sense of freedom. We laughed and talked and observed the gorgeous scenery. I began to feel a very strong sense of euphoria, such that nothing could be better. I was in the best place, with the best people, at the best time. We had all day to be there, and the temperature was just right.

Now I had time to relax, and enjoy the shrooms. I remember looking past the lake at the trees, and they all kept growing to a certain point, then they'd reset and grow again, in an infinite loop. Except these trees, unlike the others, were white. The water was also the deepest, coolest teal blue I had ever seen. The white reflection on the water looked like the tip of a magic wand being moved around throughout in a constant stream. When I looked off into the distance, the mountain would began to breather or sort of ripple. The trees in the distance would change shape and size. I distinctly remember looking at the ground and little spot all of the ground were twirling and melting. 

For some odd reason all of my friends kept saying how beautiful each other was, and I recall looking at all of my friends faces and actually thinking everyone looked exceptionally beautiful. I went off on my own for a bit, and sat on this nice rock and just pondered life. I remember getting this deep connection to my uncle, and feeling like a young explorer. When I looked into the ground, I saw this cool digital sort of print with a nice blue hue. 

As I was walking around, I found this off fixation with kicking things. There were so many decay piles, and rocks, and I had these nice little boots on, and kicking shot was just really fun for some reason. I ended up throwing most of the balls we had brought, because not only did it feel really good, but I lost a connection to material things, and I remember thinking  all we needed were the car keys, but everything else was meaningless. 

Well we decided it was time to move on, and we went up this nearby mountain, and left all of our things behind. This is when things started to get bad. When we got to the top, we were all having a good time, but then one of the girls kept suggesting that we go back, and saying "we just left all of our things". I honestly didn't give a shit about my things at all, which is very opposite to how I normally am. The two other friends wanted to continue on and climb another mountain, but our friend kept opposing, and this time timidly demanding that we go back. Anyway we got In this little dispute, and I told them they could climb on, and me and the girl would go back. 

They started off, and so did I, but my friend was just stuck in limbo and not moving. I walked back up to her and she kept saying "this is really bad. We're lost. We need to get help" as much as I convinced her everything was fine, she was certain we were lost. I kept saying "our things are LITERALLY right down there". She continued to panic. I wanted to leave and grab a jacket but them I kept having second thoughts and then kept thinking, what if my friends get lost, we shouldn't separate, this is bad. 

They were already half way up they mountain, and my friend was looking to me for comfort, but she was really pissing me off now, because we really weren't very far away, and she needed to calm down. I was yelling at my friends to come down, but they wouldn't. Hey were so far away I had to yell for them to hear me. I got so ticked that they were blatantly denying me that I literally started screaming at the top of my lungs for them to come the fuck back down, and they still wouldn't. 

So cold, tired, and hungry, I eventually had to wait it out, and let them come back down. I didn't want to abandon the group more than anything, and have them get lost. This whole thing totally killed all vibes, but at least everyone was safe. 

We had a really awkward, speechless hike back down. We decided it was best just to go home. I drove us there, so I was driving us back. I was still shrooming, but I didn't want to tells them and freak them out. The roads were all bending and shit, and it was actually really cool, but I decided I was still kinda high, and it was too dangerous. So I stopped and one of the girls drove. We reconnected in the car and everything was better again. We ended our trip at Starbucks, then everyone went home.

All in all amazing trip, and I would do it again anytime, just minus the yelling 

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