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Its been a while

Nothing special

Its been at least 2 years since ive done mushrooms. Last time I got a half ounce (I rarely come across them now adays). I binged out and it sort of lost its magic. I think I did them all within a week or 2 which is why it got boring. I do have experience. Started around 15-16. and have had at least 15 trips. Hard to remember exactly.

I started out with an 8th my first time and it was mind blowing, I didn't read any trip reports and only went by what people said to expect. WOAH. As I experience them more, Sometimes having great times with buddies. One time during a blizzard which was an experience. Another time watching fireworks while laying on a beach. But I found I don't like tripping with other people. Always gets weird, and I seem to lose the ability to talk. I know what I want to say, but it comes out as mumbles. All of the "how you feeling" gets on my nerves. So I prefer solo.

The other day I enjoyed my first trip in years. Only ate about 21g wet (about 2 dry). Glad I didn't do more, it was during the day which makes me somewhat uncomfortable. I get worried someone might stop in and have to deal with them. I ate them, and laid down waiting for them to kick in. Plan was to just hang out and maybe jam out to some tunes. They started to kick in, got the typical giggles, some visuals (The back of my hand looked very strange, like I was pale and had red marks all over it. Must have been my veins). I also get very indecisive. I put on a cd and think its boring, and put in another. Mind jumping around from thought to thought. I also get very weak and like I said cant really talk.

 It was almost a boring time, I was expecting a little more so I ate a cannacookie. And that made it more enjoyable when it kicked in. I realized I wasn't going to get anywhere near "spiritual" so I just put on workaholics and went about doing my regular shit. Taking care of the SGFC, surfing the web, ate lunch. (with a smile on my face).  All with reduced coordination and my mind wandering. Food was awesome, usually Its strange eating while tripping, but this time I liked it. Bomb sandwich, cheese+crackers, with a Gatorade. The tatstes were intensified!.. It changes my attitude too. I found myself wanting to respond to threads, but after typing things out I would always think "well that goes without saying" or "nobody cares about what I think". Not getting down on myself, just seeing it as a waste of time. And overthinking what other people might say. It did have its good effects, If I were doing research I would be able to think about Things much more inquisitively. Always wondering why, and how.  I actually did some paperwork I've been putting off for a while too. Made me want to be productive.

Decent way to get back into things, but next time will be stronger, and at night. The visuals are much better at night (for me). I wish it wasn't winter. I get so cold while tripping I would hate it out there. Even after coming down I was on the phone about insurances and I still had a hard time saying what I was thinking. It ups certain brain activity (visuals,audio,feeling,perception,) and reduces others (motor skills, balance, speaking)...I also find it hard to put others down. Ill call out an idiot on a thread usually, but I would think about it and again think "no need" (world might be a more peaceful place if everyone tried it)

I wasn't planning on writing this, but figured might as well. Hopefully some newbie will know what to expect  after reading this, But an experienced tripper would want to step it up a notch for sure. And I was a little upset it didn't take me higher, but glad at the same time because it was day time and I was worried about having a neighbor swing by or something.


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