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First shroom


Pre trip: Some fresh shrooms with water. After 10-15mins i went outside to get some fresh air, i got a bit wet outside since the weather was kinda bad, when i finally got back inside, i felt really nauseous, i lay down on sofa.

Tripping starts: Suddenly i see the canvas on my sofa ripple abit, as if it had waves like an ocean has on a calm day, i look carpet on the floor, it was swirling, as if i could dive into it, i found myself laughing while thinking: what if i actually was so silly and did dive "into" my carpet and someone was watching, how silly would that look?

After a good laugh i went to my computer and rolled a cig, smoked a bit, suddenly i get this silly feeling, i notice that my sink is staring at me, everything is swaying and wobbling around me, i am trying to get sense of what does this staring sink want but it just changes it's form subtly, then i start laughing again at myself. Sofa behind me is shrinking and shrinking forever as long as i look at it.

Everytime i would change room, the light around me would get alot brighter.

suddenly i feel urge to pee, so i go to bathroom, i look my eye in the mirror, and i see myself staring in the reflection of my eye, i get a bit startled and look away. After done with the business in the bathroom, i go back to living room to lay down on the floor, there is this crack in the ceiling, it starts to look like a bats face, i dont like, at all, so i go back to computer, yet still this bat thing wont let go. At some point i go back to sofa and try to relax, i find myself thinking all the mistakes and shit i've done in my life, and how my life is now, i feel really sorry for what i have become, i was such a joyful kid full of life and now i am what? nothing like that kid before, it felt like i was throwing my life away, things got really dark inside, i didnt care anymore for the visuals around me, this desperate feeling just devoured me completely, thinking all things gone wrong in my life (.I am not going to write those here).

i try to put on some positive music and stop thinking all that negative shiet, but it just wont let go. I turn lights off and just try to sleep but i can't, i just keep thinking. After a good while thinking i go back to computer smoke cig, to talk with someone, played some stupid card game with a friend and talked with him, it helped a bit , suddenly i just feel reaaaaally tired and i go to bed, i fall asleep pretty quick.

(Overall it was a nice experience, going to try again even thou this was emotionally really heavy for me. Maybe give it a try with a friend so have someone to talk to if things gets a darker turn.)

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