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First and only DMT trip so far


A few months ago my friend aquired some DMT, a bright orange crystal substance. It was 10pm and we were contemplating doing this trip for a while, Ive researched and became interested and obsessed with the experiences people were having with it.
This is a bit long and i cannot remember every bit of my trip, nearly, although not in order and and i cannot describe with any words what is was like, please read and tell me if anyone has had a similar experience.

So my friend packed a billy each with some mary jane and some DMT, not sure how much he put in mine but from hearing about his experience compared to mine i think i had a lot more than my he did.
Anyway we were sitting on his bed in his room, the house was quiet and he insisted on putting on music just before we both had our trips. We both lit our billys at the same time sitting next to each other, My mate blew his smoke out and i looked at him, he blew out his smoke and straight away he lay back on the bed with a grin on his face.
I face forward and blow my smoke out after holding it in for only a few seconds, the amount of smoke i blew out was nothing compared to what i inhaled, as soon as the smoke was out of my lungs my vision clouded with what looked like TV static, then i lay back down on the bed.
Before i even got all the way down on the bed my vision went black, instantly i felt disassociation with my body, i saw my right arm detach from my shoulder and float away in front of me. My reality as i knew it shifted and All of a sudden i see 3 crystal walls in front of me, purple, blue and yellow with intricate patterns of moving gears. In the space of a millisecond i was shot out at incredible speed through the walls and BANG i was in another dimension, an alternate reality where there was no sound, only vibrations. This dimension i was in looked like it was about the size of the room i was in but infinite at the same time,
 time did not exist, physical reality did not exist.
I was straight away confronted by an entity of unimaginable power and it straight away let me know that it meant no harm but it also let me know that it was serious and in charge and that i had to let go of astonishment and terror and to let it take me. So i did.

It then started showing me really weird fucked up, intense things that i cannot really remember or comprehend, things like pulling shapes out the space we occupied, almost out of thin air and shifting them into more shapes and different things. I can remember the Entity asking me "Do you understand? Do you understand?" over and over. I was nodding, i did not understand but at the same time i did, it was as if i knew everything it was showing me all along but never thought about it. I also felt the presence of otherworldly beings just watching. And eveytime i said i understood they would cheer for me and i could feel acceptance, but then the enitity would show me something even more out of it and fucked up and i started to really freak out, i could feel the 'beings' start to get worried for me, i was starting to slip, i was giving in to astonishment and i couldnt handle it.
By this point i wanted to come out of my trip so i sat up and starting walking out of the room, but all of sudden my reality shifted again and i wasnt back in the room yet i was still in this 'other' dimension'. So this entity started to play with my reality, But i was starting to lose myself, then i remember shifting dimensions again and i was staring at the roof of the room i was in and i see a big comical gloved hand pointing to my left, bouncing pointing, i could see the words 'LOOK' so i looked to my left and saw my friend lying beside me and that gave me comfort and i realised what was going on, my friend asked me "are you ok" And the entity told me to nod my head, so i did.
Then i could hear my friend saying "just let it go, Its ok". After the trip i asked my mate if that was he was saying and he said yes. But at the time it was the entity talking behind my friend, basically controlling EVERYTHING. 
So i start to feel better seeing my mate and i can feel the entity saying "time to come back, your not done yet" so i looked back at the roof and let it take me again. This time i was back in the same dimension and it was showing me the inner workings of the universe, everything and nothing, it showed me evil and good and how none of it all matters.
It showed me my whole life up until that point basicaly in computer file format, showed me my thoughts and memories right in front of me, my daughter, my mother and eveyrthing that is important to me, and basically told me nothing matters, and higher beings are controlling everything in this physical reality. Information was being downloaded right to my brain in complex and weird language that i understood at the time but now have no clue what it all meant.

After all this i started coming down, i completely forgot that i took DMT and forgot about the Physical world we all inhabit today, but the entity was telling me "your going back now, its ok, if you start to lose grip on reality just remember.." then it told me to start squeezing my hand and i did and i could feel the lighter i used to light the billy with and when i realised that i, i was back. I sat up looked around and could see intricate patteerns of moving gears in the floor walls nd everything around me. it took about 20 minutes  and few cones to completely come out of it, but i came out traumatized and shocked but in a good way, like i have been born again. My friend said it looked like i had seen a ghost.
It took me a few weeks to start remembering eveything because my brain suppressed some of the memories of the experience due to the trauma of it all but to this day i have a brand new out look on life and everything has its place, i know this and accept everything that comes.

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