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8th at the Bluffs.

First encounter.

August 6th, 2013.

Picked up 9.5 grams of some mushies. Me and my friends (Refereed to as B and C) drove to what we call the bluffs. It was the American River in Fair Oaks, CA. We had planned this about a week prior.
We all have only done 25I-nbome in the past (around 5 times) so we didn't really have any experience in many hallucinogens. Other drugs ingested during the trip were weed and tobacco.

T :0:00
We arrive at banister park (Connected to the bluffs) and smoke a blunt. We then proceed down the trail leading to the bluffs. On the way we walked off the trail into the woods to weigh out the shrooms to split.
We eaten them on PB&J's and C ate it on a beefy nacho loaded griller (TacoBell). We proceeded through the woods back to the trail and to the main bridge.

T :0.30
On the way we walked under a different bridge that smelled like shit, piss, and dead fish. I got really nauseous and began feeling the onset. Mild head change, change in perspective,  change in body load, ect. The nausea slowly dissipated to a small stomach ache.  We arrived at the bridge and I needed to take a shit so I used the bathrooms at a near park. That's when I noticed the first effects of the mushrooms. As i was sitting in the bathroom the wall was starting to move, when i flushed the toilet the swirl of the water seemed off and felt like it took a long time to flush. Ileft the bathroom and took a drink.
The water didn't go down so easily but I know i would be dehydrated so I forced it down and regrouped with B and C. We walked across the bridge and seen some friends.

T :1:00
By now I'm a good . Mild visuals, giggles, change in perspective, large body load. I needed to sit down. So we said bye to our friends and sat down to smoke a bowl. That bowl really help I felt alot better after smoking it. We then proceeded to the river.

T :2:00
We spent a good amount of time sitting next to the river smoking and looking at shit. The water was rippling, the stoge i was smoking was spiraling, They trees were glittering, it was beautiful! I picked up a stick, looked at it and there was a little Buddha on it with a mustache! he turned his head me and smiled, I got startled and tossed the stick towards my friend. He picked it up and his eyes widened and he looked at me. We both cracked up laughing. I'm a good right now

T :3:30
By now im a whopping ! We look behind us and the sun was setting behind the trees.  The trees have no leaves on them and the sun is gleaming  through them, it was the most prettiest thing I've seen the entire trip! We follow it up and end up at a HUGE toppled over oak tree. B gets on top of it and immediately crouches down and runs back to us. He informs that there's a bum on the other side of the log!
We sneak up to the side of the log and see the dude.(Note we are about 2-3 feet away from him). The guy turns his head and sees us, in his mind he sees 3 kids giggling their asses off, in our minds It's like real life discovery channel shit! I make a move and run down a fat ass hill of sand, trip, and tumble down. I ended up being ok.

T :4:30

We find ourselft not too far from where we started, just on the other side of the hill we climbed. We climb up another hill and find our selves on a huge mountain/trail of rocks following the sun. We start following the sun because it was so beautiful! I don't know why but we were attracted to it like moths to a light-bulb. We follow it for a good amount of time until i snap out of it and realize we had wandered off.
I inform my friends, and ask where we were. Big mistake. This is where it starts going downhill. Me and B both stare at C and i guess he thought we were putting the pressure on him and he starting going crazy! He looked into the opposite direction of the river into the huge forest and in his head he thought we had wandered off hella far (we were not even 100 feet away from the river) I kept telling him to look the  other way but he kept ignoring me and ran off even further into the forest. Me and B ran after him and convinced him that the river was in the other direction. We were walking back and found a trail, it was very familiar so I told them to follow this trail. Walking down it ( B and C were ahead of me) a rattle snake came out of nowhere and crossed my path. Everybody had seen it and we stood still for a while.
Out of nowhere C starts running off the trail into the wood and encounters the bum we were creeping on earlier. He starts asking for directions but the bum just giggles and stays silent.( pretty sure he knew we were on) so we just retrace our steps and find our way back to where we started. C calms down and we make our way back to banister park.

T :5:30
All in all the trip was fucking crazy The ride home was fucking amazing  felt like I was going warp speed (We called his mom and she came to pick us up) we stoped at del taco before we got home and C's little brother was in the car.  He said some gibberish be we could understand every word that came out of his mouth!
One of the Best trips i have every had!

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